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ICYMI: The best of ‘22 blog roundup

2022 has been a year, so you’re forgiven if you haven’t had a chance to read all of our blogs. As our holiday gift to you, we’ve rounded up some of our best blogs. From practical tips on wooing customers and mastering SEO to future-proofing your business and using TikTok …

railways cafe
food, drink and hospitality

Full steam ahead for Railways, the (not-so-little) restaurant that could

Railways restaurant is more than just the story of a guy with a monkey on his back (literally), it’s an epic tale that transcends the mundane.

finances and funding

Banting Baker Gigi: How this stuntwoman flipped to ruling a keto empire

This queen of keto is a badass business warrior who pulled off the greatest entrepreneurial stunt of all: HYPERGROWTH during lockdown!


Yoco Meets | Women in Business: Thriving as Underdogs

At our Yoco Meets dedicated to women in business, these inspiring entrepreneurs shared their tips for beating the odds and thriving as an underdog.


It’s Time to Grow. Announcing our Series C Funding Round!

We are proud to announce that we have secured over R1.2 billion in funding. A big step towards realising our vision of Open Commerce.

MBV emporium
retail businesses

MBV Emporium: a dream shop filled with conversation starters

Vanessa Govender’s MBV Emporium is the manifestation of her lifelong passion for collecting and sharing beauty, thriving no matter the odds!

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shoplift e-commerce

7 reasons why Shopify is your ticket to e-commerce success

The Small Business Pivot | The Yoco Guide

A business owner working alongside his employee.

The new minimum wage and how it affects your business

Our Y: Introducing the new Yoco 🚀

5 practical ways to support women in business


Tips and ideas to get your business ready for summer


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card payments

Introducing Yoco Khumo: SA’s smartest card machine for any business

yoco khumo

6 reasons why the Yoco Khumo is right for your small business

4 advantages your small business has over retail giants

How to grow your small business with Yoco Capital


Special Risk Cover: How Sasria can help protect your small business from riots

A customer shopping at Patagonia in Cape Town using Yoco.

5 ways Yoco Payments help new businesses


Introducing getlion: the ultimate “super-app” for entrepreneurs


The strategic advantages of being an underdog in entrepreneurship

8 things to consider before you start building an online store


10 things you can do to tackle the risk of small business failure

customer service

The 5 key ingredients to achieving great customer service

black friday

Black Friday for small businesses: is it a win or woe?

yoco khumo print

Meet Yoco Khumo Print: just when you thought it couldn’t get any smarter


How to start accepting credit card payments

A guide to UIF applications for small business owners


6 small business blogging tips and basic guidelines for beginners

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Filter and export your sales history

An image of a map and compass in an article about finding business advice and guidance.

Where to find business advice, guidance and inspiration

5 tips to increase retail sales this (Covid-19) Christmas

A screenshot of the Yoco Settlement screen in the app.

When will I get my money?


Yoco to adjust team size in response to COVID-19 recovery outlook

Paying with Yoco

FAQs: How to educate your customers if they are new to paying with Yoco

yoco payment link

Yoco Payment Link: Get paid online in 4 easy steps, no website required!