How Boniface is carving out his future

Unique Driftwood Creations: Yoco Merchant #11 395

Boniface Chikwenhere is a Zimbabwean born sculptor whose main medium is driftwood, found-wood and mineralised wood. With these materials he creates unique, one of a kind, sculptures. Having established himself as an artist both locally and internationally, Boniface is growing his business with the help of Yoco.


Over the years I have established a network of people who earn an extra income through searching, sourcing and sorting these beautiful specimens of wood which are either dug up as dead tree roots, picked up as found wood in forests or found along riverines and swamps as driftwood.

After spotting a large piece of driftwood, Boniface makes his way into the valley to further explore the area.

These pieces of wood are hundreds of years old. I, therefore, find my inspiration in the character that comes through erosion and ageing. I believe my work is to just 'complete' or 'finish' off what nature would have sculpted over those years.


Based in Gordon’s Bay, Boniface works from his garage and backyard, with his growing team, producing the unique sculptures.

I constantly seek harmony with nature and the green environment through applying eco–friendly principles in my work.

Each piece of wood is unique and will reveal itself to Boniface. This is his creative approach. He waits for the inspiration instead of imposing his ideas onto the wood.


Using his custom made axe, which Boniface also describes as an extension of his arm, he patiently carves away the wood to reveal a singing bird.

Boniface represents an admirable entrepreneurs story of resilience, creativity, and hard work. Having started selling his work on a street corner in Strand, creating his sculptures from home, he now employees six people, has a shop at the Waterfront and at Spier 1692, and plans to establish his own gallery.

With the assistance of Yoco Capital, Boniface is growing his business, and creating his freedom to express himself through the raw beauty of wood.