Ubuntu Baba: The value of ubuntu

Ubuntu Baba: Yoco Merchant #12 119

Ubuntu is a Southern African concept meaning “I am because we are.” It embraces the notion that people cannot exist in isolation and depend on connection, community, and caring.

These are the friendly faces of the local artisans, who work together to make a product that meets the needs of mothers across the country…creating baby carriers for Ubuntu Baba.

Together, as a team, they craft every part of the baby carriers.

Ubuntu Baba is a proudly South African business, born out of the need to create a practical, stylish, and comfortable baby carrier. Here it is, hand made in a factory in the heart of Retreat, Cape Town.


I did not set out to build an empire. I started my business to feed my family, have flexibility, and to give something back to society.

The idea to start Ubuntu Baba came from being a frustrated first time Mom who had no idea what she was doing. All I knew was that my baby needed me 24/7, and the only way to make that work for both of us was to have him on my body.

Shannon McLaughlin of Ubuntu Baba in Cape Town.


Nadia, Ubuntu Baba’s Office Manager makes sure all product orders are packaged and delivered quickly and as beautifully as possible. She is a mother of two and works from the factory in Retreat where she also assists with the day-to-day running of the factory.

I am proud to work with Shannon and this great product.

Charmaine has worked in the family business for over 10 years. Her life has changed since she started working for Ubuntu Baba, a product she is proud to manufacture, which she uses for her own daughter too.


This is where all the hard work comes together. Just up the road from the factory is the Ubuntu Baba retail store which also serves as a meeting space for moms. This is where the product meets the community.


Yoco believes there is power in small. The small business community is a resource that must be nurtured, so Yoco makes selling easy for anyone with the entrepreneurial urge. In that case, the idea of Ubuntu, and the values of Ubuntu Baba, is what Yoco supports and strives towards.

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