JK Vending: “If you don’t pay with Yoco you must be loco”

JK Vending: Yoco Merchant #22 968

Every morning at 7am, a team of vendors, set up and get ready for business, to provide Cape Town’s beachgoers with ice cream, food, umbrellas, and sun loungers.

An image of a vendor sitting on a collar on Cape Town's beaches.
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As the sun rises and warms up the sand, the beach awakens to its first visitors.

Henry pulls out the sun loungers, in anticipation of the visitors for the day – it’s already getting hot, a sign of a very busy day ahead.


This is Gerald. He serves as the manager of JK Vending. His storeroom is located under the beach clubhouse where he manages his inventory.

Keeping tabs

Selling ice cream and renting out umbrellas and loungers has been a low tech business…until recently.


This is Henry. He has called the Atlantic Seaboard his office for the past 19 years. Many years ago a trip to the beach ended up with him getting roped into selling snacks to help out his step-sister. He had fun and started selling more and more, and hasn’t looked back since.

Organising food and drink

As the dry ice and the various food and drink deliveries arrive, the packing begins. Each vendor gets at least one fully packed cooler box.

Time to shine!

Packed and ready to go, the vendors start spreading out on the beach and the first sales begin.

Setting up shop

Yoco provided Gerald’s team with co-branded boardshorts in collaboration with Granadilla Swimwear, and a gazebo which acts as the main store where card payments can be made through a Yoco device.

For the hustle

As people arrive, the selling begins, and the sound of beach hawking can be heard in between playfully laughing children and the waves swashing to shore.

I come here for one purpose – to put food on the table. I enjoy being with the people, making business, and then I get to go home with something for my family. I can buy what my son needs for school, church, instead of sitting at home scratching my head. I don’t want my son to grow up like I did. That’s why I’d rather go and work the hard way. He must go further than me.

Cash payments on the beach are a thing of the past and JK Vending has recorded two consecutive months of record profit since using Yoco. There is plenty of reason to be positive, with Gerald, Henry and the rest of the team more optimistic than ever. And they were kind enough to give Yoco a rympie:

If you don’t pay with Yoco, you must be loco.