Meet the Yoco Neo: here are 10 things you should know

17th November 2020

Introducing the Yoco Neo – our next-generation card machine that stands alone. Say goodbye to complexity, and welcome the future of card payments with us. The Yoco Neo accepts major debit and credit cards, as well as tap, swipe, chip, PIN, and mobile payments. As always with Yoco, there are no contracts or monthly fees, plus transaction rates go down as your sales go up. Here are the top 10 things you should know about our newest pride and joy.

1. The Yoco Neo is super easy to use

Open the box, switch it on, and accept payments with one button! Everything you need is right in the palm of your hand, and the Neo will tell you what to do next, so you can’t go wrong. It’s really that simple.

2. It’s a standalone

This card machine is a self-contained nugget of pocket-sized brilliance – no smartphone, tablet or bluetooth pairing required. You can accept payments, process refunds, manage settings, track sales, and more, all on the device!

3. Free data… for life

Yes, you read that right: The built-in 3G SIM has unlimited free data for a lifetime of transactions and any usage performed on the Neo. You’ll never have to worry about topping up data for your card machine – it’s on us! 

4. The Yoco Neo SIM is universal

This means it connects to whichever network is strongest wherever you are. So whether the coverage from Cell C, Vodacom, MTN, or Telkom is better while you’re on the move, you won’t notice the difference. You’ll always be connected to the fastest network, no matter where you are, guaranteeing the best mobile payment processing speed and stability around.

5. All-day battery life

With up to two times the energy capacity of other card machines, the Yoco Neo will always be juiced up and ready for a busy day of sales. It also has a special feature to maximise its battery life: an auto shutdown gets initiated after the machine has been left unused for a preset amount of time, and you can customise that time period according to your business needs.  Not only that, but it has a very quick recharge and can still be used for transacting while it’s charging.

6. Yoco Neo is paperless

Never stress about buying paper rolls (or how it’s killing the rainforests) again. The Neo sends digital receipts using email or SMS, both at or after sale, right from your card machine. Rest assured, your customers’ contact information is totally secure, and Yoco will never use these details for any reason, ever.

7. Amazing functionality in one place

Not only does the Neo boast fast processing speed and unrivaled design simplicity, it also has comprehensive management and insight features at your fingertips – literally!

  • On-screen sales history for the last two days.
  • Daily payouts information.
  • Process refunds securely from your card machine.
  • Activate and manage tips on-screen.

Check out the Neo user guide to see exactly how the magic happens.

8. Full-colour touch screen that really does it all

  • Capture product or invoice details with customised sales notes while transacting.
  • Dark or light mode for low ambient lighting (or loadshedding…) means you never have to struggle with visibility.
  • Take digital signatures securely on the touch screen, when needed.

9. Yoco Neo gives you free access to business resources

  • The Yoco Business Portal helps you to understand all the ins and outs of your business’ performance, and manage the practicalities of staff access, cash flow, and collating data from multiple stores. All reports can be downloaded into Excel and CSV format, from the cloud, anywhere in the world. 
  •  The Yoco App helps you run and manage your business from your phone or tablet, no matter where you are, in seconds. Recons are seamless, and creating sales reports are simple, with real-time insights to keep track of how your business is performing.
  • Yoco Capital helps you grow your business with a cash advance. Apply from the Business Portal in less than 5 minutes, and get your money the next day. After paying one flat fee that you agree to, Yoco takes a small percentage of your future card transactions. If sales slow down (or stop), so do your repayments – no penalties, late fees, or collateral.
  • Yoco’s Online Payment Suite offers a selection of online payment solutions: from sending payment links to specific customers for their unique bill total, to selling vouchers online, or even fully integrating with your online store. Yoco has the right fit for your online payment needs, no matter how you do business.

10. It does not integrate

The Yoco Neo is a standalone card machine, and doesn’t integrate with the Point of Sale (POS) feature of the Yoco App, or other accounting/POS software – so, no saved products, stock management, checkout, or other POS capabilities. But, the Yoco App is still an amazing source of insight and management functionality for Neo merchants, either on-site or remotely.

The Yoco Neo offers something decidedly special and different, but if your business needs Point of Sale or accounting integration, the Yoco Pro is our premium integration hero! It works seamlessly with the POS feature on the Yoco app, and can easily integrate with other software like Vend, SalonBridge, TabletPos, iKentoo and more. For businesses new to card payments, who are looking for a simple solution that only needs to integrate with Yoco’s POS app, the Yoco Go is SA’s most popular card machine for good reason – it’s our most affordable, simple, and lightweight option, that still has all the bells and whistles.