Run your business better

Yoco Portal is free software that helps you manage sales, stock and staff


How it works


When you use any Yoco product, you get free access to the Yoco Portal.


Create an account on your Portal and link your Yoco products.


Go about business as usual, and enjoy all the data at your fingertips.

What merchants love about Yoco Portal

One solution

All your sales are captured in one place - from cash to card, EFT to mobile payments.

Save time on admin

Do a recon in seconds, check staff sales performance, or identify your best selling stock.

Access it anywhere

Multiple shops or working remotely? Cloud based tech means you can log on from anywhere.

Our merchants' favourite features

Sales reports

Receipt Storage

One-click Recon

Weekly email sales snapshot

Yoco Portal FAQs

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What information can I find in the Yoco Portal?

Performance dashboards, your entire sales history, your most popular products and more.


Do I have to pay for the Yoco Portal?

No. It’s free with any Yoco card machine or online payment tool.


What else can I do on the Yoco Portal?

Send invoices, create Yoco Links to send to your customers to accept online card payments, issue Yoco Vouchers and more.


How is the Portal different from the App?

The App is made for your phone. Portal is made for your computer. All that extra screen space means you can see much more detailed dashboards and reports on your Portal.

Yoco Card Machines and Online Payments

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