Dive into your business

Make month-end simpler with Yoco Portal: your free business management tool. Track sales trends, manage invoices and stay on top of business performance.

Open Portal

Track and compare sales trends


Start transacting with a Yoco card machine or online product.


Log into your business portal at portal.yoco.co.za.


Use Portal’s dashboards to track and compare sales trends.

Your business at your fingertips

Comprehensive sales dashboard

Track sales by day, week or month. Get a sales snapshots or a full history. See average sale amounts and the average number of items per sale.

Manage product inventory

Add or remove products to your inventory list. Edit product price, category and descriptions. Enable stock tracking, or create product variants.

Check your Capital offer

Eligible Yoco merchants can get a fast, flexible cash advance to reinvest in their business. Check the ‘Capital’ tab in Portal to see whether you have an offer pending.

Untangle the numbers

Compare daily, weekly and monthly sales

Get the info you need to make smarter decisions and grow your business.

Download statements with a click

Portal makes light work managing your finances, for you or your accountant.

Get detailed views on peak times

Know when you need more hands on deck, and when you can slow down a bit.

Find time and space to focus

At the end of the week or month, dive into Yoco Portal. Check your sales history, download monthly invoices and find new opportunities to grow.

Set up online payments

Get free access to Yoco Gateway, our eCommerce integration for WooCommerce, Wix and Shopify stores. Click the ‘Sell Online’ tab in Portal to start getting set up.

What else can I do with Portal?

Buy card


Sales flying and need another card machine? Simply click the ‘Buy card machines’ tab in Portal and order the one you need.

Send and

track invoices

Got to the end of the month and a customer hasn’t paid you? Create a digital invoice and email or SMS it to them from Portal.

Edit your

business info

Click the ‘Profile’ tab in Portal to update your email address, phone number and staff details, or change your password.

Yoco Portal FAQs

Visit Help Centre


What information can I find in the Yoco Portal?

Performance dashboards, your entire sales history, your most popular products and more.


Do I have to pay for the Yoco Portal?

No. It’s free with any Yoco card machine or online payment tool.


What else can I do on the Yoco Portal?

Send invoices, create Yoco Links to send to your customers to accept online card payments, issue Yoco Vouchers and more.


How is the Portal different from the App?

The App is made for your phone. Portal is made for your computer. All that extra screen space means you can see much more detailed dashboards and reports on your Portal.