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The next Yoco App evolution

Today, we have one Yoco App that does two jobs – it’s a point of sale for your store, and a place to manage your business. We’re making some changes that we’d like to share with you!


The Yoco POS for your staff to sell,
the Yoco App to manage business

Welcome to the future of Yoco for business owners.


The new Yoco Point of Sale (POS)

Now a standalone app built for countertop sales, with more updates scheduled in 2024 to make it a game changer for your payments.


The new Yoco App (coming soon)

Your back office everywhere you go. The new Yoco App is now a dedicated place for you to understand, manage and run your business, on mobile and web.


Unpacking the new Yoco Point of Sale

Level up how you sell

Speed up your checkout and limit human error with SA's most-loved point of sale.

Yoco POS tracks all payments automatically, sending the sales data to your Yoco App so you’re always up to speed.

Yoco POS works with a tablet. It connects seamlessly with the Neo Touch card machine for a premium countertop setup.

See and select products from a large grid view, making selection easy and quick.

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Got questions?

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Discover the new Yoco App (coming soon)

Your back office everywhere you go

Wish you had the business tools you need to understand, manage and run your business in one place? We’re upgrading the current Yoco App and Portal to do exactly that. 

Rebuilt to deliver clarity, helping you focus on the metrics that matter, stay in control and act with confidence.

All the tools you need to manage your business in one place. Sales history, invoices, product catalogues, NEW business reports, staff management, instant payouts and more!

The new Yoco App will deliver the same experience on mobile and web.

More ways to grow with Yoco


Instant Payout

Why wait two business days? Get your payout in minutes with Instant Payout.


Yoco Gateway

Sell online with our ecommerce plugin. Compatible with WooCommerce, Shopify, Wix and more.


Yoco Capital

Eligible Yoco customers qualify for a fast cash advance to help grow their business.


Yoco App

Get access to payment links, digital invoices and cash out instantly with instant payouts, all available in the Yoco App.

App evolution FAQs

Frequently asked questions about how we're evolving our app experiences to better suit your business.

Visit Help Centre

Why do I need to keep the old Yoco App?

We have a big update coming soon, making trhe Yoco App an even better place to manage your business. Don’t delete it!

Can I create a new Yoco profile with Yoco POS?

No, and you don’t need to create a new profile. Just login to your profile and you’re ready to sell.

I forgot my username or password, what do I do?

Don’t worry! When you get to the login screen you can click reset password and we’ll walk you through the next steps.

What if I can’t download new apps onto my device?

Unfortunately, you will have to make some space for the new Yoco POS app. When the new Yoco App is released it will automatically update as long as you have auto-updates turned on.

Do I need to update my staff permission for them to use Yoco POS?

No, all you need to do is login and all your products and staff settings will be ready and waiting.

Will all my products reflect on the new Yoco POS?

Yes, all the products you have on Yoco App will reflect on Yoco POS.

Do Yoco POS and the Yoco App work together?

Yes! The new Yoco POS and Yoco App work together seamlessly. The Yoco App is where you manage your staff permissions, update products, and pricing access. Yoco POS is dedicated to making sales.

Where do I find staff switching?

To use staff switching go to More and click Lock, from there your staff will be able to select their profile and log in with their unique PIN. To manage staff access use the Yoco App or log in on