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With the free Yoco App, you're always connected to your business. Download it to create your Yoco profile, track payments, monitor sales, send invoices and more.

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The tool that brings it all together


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Run your business, access Capital, Instant Payout and more.

Run your business from your phone

See your sales history

Track every transaction in the App, whether you're using a card machine or online payments.

Send invoices and payment links

Use the App to send payment requests to your customers via email, SMS, WhatsApp or social media.

Automatic daily recons

Track popular products and stay on top of stock. Plus, payouts happen in 2 business days automatically.

More powerful with a Yoco card machine


Neo Touch

Neo Touch - Supported payment solutions

Makes getting paid quick and drama-free with unlimited 4G data and a countertop charging stand.


+ R49/month connectivity fee


Yoco Khumo

Yoco Khumo - Supported payment solutions

Our premium card machine, featuring unlimited 4G data, staff profiles and product catalogues.


+ R49/month connectivity fee


Khumo Print

Khumo Print - Supported payment solutions

Our most powerful card machine. Keeps queues moving with unlimited 4G data and a built-in printer.


+ R49/month connectivity fee

Out of stock

Yoco Go

Yoco Go - Supported payment solutions

Our most affordable card machine. Perfect for occasional transactions. Pair it to your phone with Bluetooth and get paid.



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More reasons to download the app

Track all payments

All your sales are captured in one place – from cash to card, EFT to online payments.

Manage staff

Got team members? Invite them as staff to track their performance.

Real-time updates

Get notified for every transaction, payout and login to your business profile.

Makes your card machine smarter

Add products, brands and categories, and manage your prices on the Yoco App. The changes you make will reflect immediately on your Khumo card machine.

Works as a basic Point of Sale

Use the Yoco App on a tablet and pair it with a Bluetooth-enabled Yoco card machine to deliver great customer service from your countertop.

Access Yoco Capital

Yoco Capital is a fast, flexible cash advance for our customers. Eligible merchants can check for Capital offers in-app, paid back via a small percentage of future transactions.

More ways to stay close to your business

Buy a card machine

Need a card machine? Buy a new device from the home screen in the App, with free delivery in 3 working days.

Access Instant Payout

Why wait 1-2 business days for your money? Get paid out in minutes with Instant Payout, available in the Yoco App.

View pending payouts

Track all upcoming payouts from your card machine and online payments, with your full payment history in one place.

Yoco App FAQs

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Where is the Yoco App available?

It's free to download on Google Play, Huawei AppGallery and Apple App Store.


How is Yoco App different from Yoco Portal?

The App is built for your phone or tablet and needs to be downloaded from your app store. Portal is accessed on your web browser and is optimised as a desktop experience.


Do I have to pay for the Yoco App?

No. It’s totally free to download.