Yoco card machines

Khumo Print, Khumo or Go? Choose the card machine that's best for your business.


Own, don’t rent

Buy a card machine for as little as R599 once-off.

Accept all major cards

Get paid with any card from VISA or MasterCard.

Tap to get paid

Enjoy the speed and safety of tap payments with Yoco.

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Card machines for every size of small business


Yoco Khumo

Built for businesses looking to grow. Its built-in SIM is loaded with unlimited data for a lifetime of transactions. No Bluetooth or smart device needed.

  • Unlimited 4G data for sales
  • Transact in less than 3 seconds
  • Connects to Wifi



Brand new

Khumo Print

Brand new and packed with all the same features as the Yoco Khumo – plus a built-in printer for physical receipts and an even more powerful battery.

  • Unlimited 4G data for sales
  • Transacts in under 2 seconds
  • Connects to WiFi
  • Built-in printer for physical receipts
  • Low launch price




Neo Plus

Keep your queue moving with our premium countertop card machine. It integrates with your POS and levels up your checkout with a stylish printer setup.

  • Accepts all major cards
  • Pairs with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth
  • Integrates with Lightspeed (K- and X-Series), Loyverse and more
  • Prints paper receipts



Low price

Yoco Go

Perfect if you’re accepting card payments for the first time. Connect to your smartphone with Bluetooth and get paid wherever business takes you.

  • Fast, light and pocket-sized
  • Manage sales on the free Yoco App
  • Connects to any smartphone via Bluetooth



Credit card machines for small business

How to sign up

Complete your Yoco profile in 5 mins to buy a card machine. Here's what you'll need to seal the deal:

1. A South African bank account

2. A photo of your ID or passport

3. A physical delivery address

4. An email address

5. An SA cellphone number

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