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Prohibited Businesses

Last updated: 08 October 2021

Yoco may not be used to accept payments for the following businesses or transactions relating to:

  1. Confirmed pyramid selling

  2. MOTO/Internet/CNP prescription drugs

    1. Illegal drugs and the sales of any substances designed to cause a similar effect, such as butyl nitrates, hallucinogens and BZP

  3. MOTO/Internet/CNP tobacconists

  4. Escort agencies/massage parlors/adult content

  5. Timeshare

  6. Independent financial advisers

  7. Key entry telecom companies (companies who allow cardholders to key enter an account number to facilitate the billing of a long-distance or local telephone call/fax call

  8. Other investment merchants e.g. merchants who sell products such as bonds and debentures giving sporting rights

  9. Holiday clubs and their agents/sub-agents

  10. Bureau de change

  11. Commodity Investments

  12. High-risk security investments such as:

    1. Binary option trading

    2. Contracts for difference (CFD)

    3. Foreign exchange (Forex) currency options trading

    4. Cryptocurrency options trading

    5. Initial coin offerings (ICOs)

Please also refer to the Visa and MasterCard merchant rules and comply with their requirements. Access the rules for MasterCard at and for VISA at