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Tap into the power of POS with Lightspeed

Connect your Yoco card machine to Lightspeed with seamless cloud integration. Then enjoy the benefits of running your business on one consolidated platform.

Why Yoco and Lightspeed?

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Do business faster

Simplify complex operations and become more efficient and accurate with Yoco and Lightspeed.

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Track sales

Pair it with your Neo Touch card machine using seamless cloud integration.

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In-person or online

Whether you’re selling in real life or on the internet, everything is smooth and streamlined with Yoco and Lightspeed.

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The power of Yoco and Lightspeed Retail

Integrating makes growing simpler.

Staff management on card machine

Track stock across multiple locations and channels

Automate your marketing and segment customers based on data

Track stock down to your ingredients

Track sales, data and reports across multiple locations

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Connect with the Neo Touch

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Integrate with the Neo Touch

Connect Yoco's world class card machine to your Lightspeed setup via the cloud in a few simple steps.

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Countertop to back office

When everything's connected, growing is simpler. Get started with Yoco to grow.

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