Meet Yoco Khumo Print: just when you thought it couldn’t get any smarter

4th April 2022

yoco khumo print

As you’ve probably heard by now, the Yoco Khumo is our (and the universe’s?) smartest card machine yet — built for businesses looking to grow. Of all the nifty features our little genius has, versatility remains its most powerful asset. It’s a perfect fit for any business, whether you’re just starting out, or are ready to take over the world! And with the launch of the Khumo Print, it’s now also the smartest choice for more sophisticated small businesses and those with printing needs, like retail, food, beverage, and hospitality vendors. But, as per usual with Yoco, there’s so much more than meets the eye…

10 things you should know about the Yoco Khumo Print

1. Faster than fast

It’s officially our fastest, most powerful machine ever, processing payments in under 2 seconds! Yep, the original Khumo has officially been oustripped of its supremely speedy title, with the Khumo Print now able to transact a whole second faster. Don’t blink.

2. Get all the flipping magic of OG Khumo

We may have managed to soup up the transaction speed for the Yoco Khumo Print, but fear not, you still get all the killer hard and software features you know and love in the classic Khumo. We’re talking about a smart, full-HD 5.0” touchscreen. No Bluetooth pairing or smartphone or tablet needed. Turn it on, sign up on the device, and start transacting right away.

yoco khumo print

3. Features for days

Our flagship Khumo range is designed to be a standalone business solution, with its own sales tracking and simple (yet efficient) built-in POS. The Khumo Print doesn’t integrate with the Yoco App, or other external software, because everything you need is already in your hand.

Part of the magic of Khumo is that we’re constantly working at improving and adding to its features. And every time we innovate, every Khumo automatically updates to the newest versions of ever-evolving functionality. Your Khumo literally keeps getting smarter before your very eyes!

Some of Khumo’s smartest and freshest feature highlights include:

Staff Switching
Activate a secure handover (with PINs) between different staff or users during the course of normal business. Whether you’re switching between shifts or have a small team sharing a card machine, you can always track who’s doing what, live from your Portal Dashboard
here. You’ll set up and manage Staff Members from the Portal here, which will instantly be updated to your Khumo.

Create a catalogue of all the products you sell from the App or Portal
here. When using Khumo to tally up a sale or order, you can quickly tap to add your products to the bill, before taking payment. Not only will this make your checkout process faster and smoother, you’ll get more detailed reporting from the Dashboard, and be able to track the performance of individual products and categories too.

Managing Tools
Choose what works for you, and enable or disable Tips, Staff Switching, or Products on your Khumo. In other words, you can customise your own experience with the features best suited to your operating needs — and leave the rest quietly in the Yoco incubator for another time. You never know: our Khumo customers have an uncanny habit of growing their businesses, fast. 

4. *Printing Noises* Ka-ching!

You’ve been asking, and we’ve listened! Sometimes, you or your customers just prefer getting a physical slip. Khumo gets it. The Khumo Print comes with a built-in printer, for even greater convenience at day-end recon. You’ll get three 40mm thermal paper rolls in the box which are the standard till roll size, widely found in most stationery shops whenever you need more. (Check them out on Takealot here.)

5. Always connected

Stay hooked up with unlimited free 4G data (for life), or connect to WiFi just as easily. The Khumo Print comes with two powerful 4G SIM cards from MTN and Vodacom, so you’re always connected to the best network, no matter where you are or where you’re going.

6. Get the power of both the Tortoise and the Hare

The Yoco Khumo Print’s lightning fast processing speed doesn’t detract from its all day battery life — it has all the stamina for all day sales and relentless transacting environments. This card machine will work steadfastly, for long and hard hours, to win the race for your small business.

7. Accessorise, accessorise!

With the Yoco Khumo Print, you can also buy a charging stand extra, for super-powered, all-day, hassle-free battery life that you won’t have to think about twice. Pop it under the counter and focus on doing your thing.

8. More than you bargained for

Access to Yoco tools and resources is free for all our customers. This means that when you sign up with Yoco, you automatically have the ability to use any of our online payments, and be considered for a Yoco Capital Offer (fast, flexible cash funding to help small businesses grow). 

You can easily combine using a Yoco card machine with any of our simple online payment solutions, no website or tech savvy needed. Make sales using chat DMs or messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, social media, or email, right from your phone. If you do happen to have a PC, online presence, or website, the options become even more dynamic, with a host of ecommerce products, Yoco Gateway plugins, and custom Software Developer Kits (and more in the pipelines!).

9. Get paid in all the ways

Leave no customer behind and accept all major cards with Yoco card machines (and online payments): Get paid with any card from VISA or MasterCard, issued from any bank worldwide. Enjoy the speed and safety of tap payments with Yoco — as well as swipe, chip & PIN, and mobile payments.

10. Heist-proof

The entire Yoco ecosystem is internationally recognised and certified as secure by Visa, MasterCard, and EMVCo (the official certifiers of tap, chip, and PIN card readers worldwide). We’re also fully PCI compliant. Tap payments are just as safe as the rest, and we’re proud of our sophisticated risk monitoring that detects and deals with fraud.

Sound like just what your small business needs? Get simple payments, the smart way.