5 reasons why Yoco online payment products are the business – literally

2nd September 2021

yoco online payment

From Friday night fried chicken and weekday groceries to splurging on a fresh cut and paying for a weekly yoga class, today’s shoppers are living their best retail lives online. But if your customers can’t pay for their favourite products or services from their phones or laptops, they’ll find somewhere else, where they can. 

South African consumers are spending more time shopping online than ever before.

Today’s shoppers are embracing e-commerce with wallets wide open: thanks to the <whispers> pandemic, the allure of online shopping – whether it’s to purchase or to browse and research before buying – is a powerful one. And businesses that don’t cater to their online customers stand to lose out – big time. The 2021 South African Digital Customer Experience Report ( which features our very own Matt Brownell, Head of Brand) confirms that SA shoppers now expect an online experience, regardless of their income bracket or the category of product they’re shopping for. “The takeout for organisations is that everyone is engaging with brands online during the buying cycle, regardless of whether the ultimate purchase is made with a click or at a physical till point. Marketing programmes must thus be tailored to multiple audiences if companies are to maximise their ROI.” And there you have it. 

The good news is, setting up and using Yoco online payment products is simple.

Whether you want to launch a fully-fledged online store, give customers the option of paying online via a payment link or professional click-to-pay invoice, or sell gift vouchers to rake in some extra revenue – or all four – we’ve got you sorted. Our online payment suite includes Yoco Gateway, Yoco Link, Yoco Invoices, and Yoco Vouchers

Wondering what all the fuss is about? Here’s why Mzansi loves Yoco online payment products:

1. Super affordable: low domestic rates, no additional fees

You spoke and we listened. We’ve just lowered our domestic rates from 3.4% to 2.95% (excluding VAT). YASSSSS. Fees are automatically deducted once a month, and… that’s it. We believe in complete transparency, which is why we have no hidden fees, no withdrawal fees, and no contracts. To help you make the best decision for your small business, these are the rates of similar online payment providers. 

3.5% plus R2 plus R10 withdrawal fee.

Paystack: 2.9% plus R1

Peach Payments: 2.95% plus R1,50

Paygate: 3.5%

Best of all – the more you transact with Yoco, the less you pay. We respect the hustle, which is why we only deduct transaction fees when you start transacting. 

2. Four products rolled into one super-powered online payment platform

When you sign up with Yoco, you get access to Yoco Gateway, Yoco Link, Yoco Invoices, and Yoco Vouchers. Four easy-to-use online payment products that cater to all aspects of your business. 

Each product is really easy to use, and powerful in its own right:

Yoco Gateway: An e-commerce payment solution that enables you to accept cards on your website – no coding or technical know-how required. Compatible with WordPress, Wix, WooCommerce, and Shopstar.

Yoco Link: An online payment link that can be sent via WhatsApp, SMS, email, on your invoices, or via social media. If you offer remote or on-site services, and often have to risk non-payment due to customers not having a card, this is for you.

Yoco Invoices: Create and send your own custom, professional invoices with unique online payment links, for convenient click-to-pay account settlement and instant recons from the Yoco App.

Yoco Vouchers: When every rand counts, Yoco Vouchers are a simple way to add an additional income stream. (Watch this and read this for more info.)

3. Simplified business management tools to level up your hustle

Get access to our (free) business management tools Yoco App and Yoco Portal, when you use any of our online payment solutions. Use Yoco App for a bird’s eye view of transactions and day-to-day management of inventory and sales; and do a deeper dive with Yoco Portal, which gives you in-depth insights via sales reports and the metrics that matter. 

4. Grow at your own pace

Your business is unique. Your payment solutions should be too. When you’re ready to add card machines to your offering, we’ve got your covered. Easily add card machines to your existing payment solutions when you want to, and not a second before.

5. Simple, fast, free

Sign up – for free – and start accepting payments online in less than five minutes. We won’t make you jump through hoops to start making bank. We also won’t make you purchase a card machine in order to access our online payment products. Your way, your Yoco.