Seven ways to get paid remotely with Yoco Link

3rd August 2021

We’re all about getting you paid, whether that’s in person or remotely – so you can get on with growing your business. If you don’t have a card machine, want to sell remotely too, or can’t trade in-person, we’ve got you. Introducing Yoco Link.

Yoco Link is the fast, easy, and secure way to accept payments without a card machine, from anywhere.

All you need is the Yoco App and you’re ready to get paid online in four easy steps:

  1. Log on to the Yoco App and choose ‘payment link’
  2. Send the link to your customer via WhatsApp, text, email, or social media
  3. Your customer follows the link to pay you
  4. You get an instant notification

Super easy! Wondering if Yoco Link is right for your business?

See if you relate to any of the below:

1. Selling on a social platform, or WhatsApp

If you’re making bank from the infinite scroll, make sure you’re not missing out on sales thanks to a convoluted payment process. Impulse buying makes up a large part of social media sales, but if you’re unwittingly making a potential customer struggle to hand over their money, you may as well kiss that sale goodbye. Patience is something today’s shoppers have little of, so the faster and easier it is to pay you, the more you’ll make. Enter Yoco Link.

2. Selling on your e-commerce store

If you sell products online, but rely on EFTs or cash on delivery to get paid, there’s a good chance that you spend a lot of (precious) time on following up on promised proof of payments. Say goodbye to running after customers and hello to money in your bank. Cha-ching.

3. You need a way to easily send invoices

Opening Word and typing out an invoice is not a vibe. With Yoco Invoices, you can create your own personalised invoices with payment links right  from the App, and send them for instant, click-to-pay convenience. Every time someone pays via Yoco Link or Invoices, both of you will receive an instant notification. It’s too easy, really.

4. You provide virtual services

Thanks to Covid, many businesses have had to pivot to providing virtual versions of their service. Music and yoga teachers, therapists, medical practitioners, and a host of other professionals now operate in the online space. The only problem is, they don’t have an easy way to get paid online. Instead of forgoing payment and settling for an “IOU”, you can send a link to clients as soon as the class is over thanks to Yoco Link. Easy as.

5. The majority of your clients are foreign

If you’re in the hospitality or tourism industry and work with clients who need to book accommodation or excursions before they land in Mzanzi, there’s no need to fiddle about with complicated bank transfers in another currency. Instead, give clients an easy and secure way to pay you (in half the time, nogal) with Yoco Link.

6. You require a deposit before commencing with an order

Cake bakers, dress makers, and talented craftspeople, I’m talking to you. Waiting for someone to pay a deposit can throw a spanner into the works – especially when you’ve allocated time to a particular order, but aren’t able to begin without a deposit. Speed up the process and give your customers something to smile about (before they’ve even seen the finished product) and send them a Yoco Link.

7.You render services on site

From plumbers and electricians to mobile beauty therapists and hairdressers, many businesses operate without a fixed location. If your whole business model revolves around your ability to travel to various locations, Yoco Link is an easy alternative to carrying a card machine with you.