Yoco Invoices: 8 reasons you’ll love getting paid like a pro

26th April 2022

Introducing Yoco Invoices

Free – and easy – to use, Yoco Invoices lets you create and send professional invoices, directly from the Yoco App or Yoco Portal and get paid faster, online.  Who knew invoicing could be such a jol?

Without further ado, here are 8 reasons why getting paid with Yoco Invoices is a vibe

1. Say ‘bye' to paperwork, and 'hello' to a meticulously organised invoicing system

Rifling through reams of paperwork in order to find an invoice from a few months ago is on par with having to renew your driver’s licence. Necessary, but a whole lot of admin. When you use Yoco Invoices, you can throw out your files slash piles slash envelopes of paper invoices in favour of a seamless, digital folder. The result? You’re able to consolidate all of your Yoco Invoices and keep track of who’s paid, and who hasn’t.

2. Create and send invoices for free!

Don’t fork out for fancy invoicing software just because the dude down the road swears by it. (Save that money and go buy an ice cream, then put the rest of it back into your business).

Instead, create and send invoices via Yoco Invoices for mahala – you only pay if your customers pay via one of our payment products (QR code and Yoco Link).

3. Easily customise your invoices to level up your branding game

You’re the star of the show here, and we want you to shine. Easily add your logo and details to create branded, beautiful invoices that will woo customers and cushion your cash flow. 

4. Can be used as a quote

Need to provide a prospective customer with a quote? No problem. Simply generate an invoice and send it to your prospective customer. If they’re happy with the quote, they can instantly pay via one of the options included in the quote.

5. Gives your customers multiple ways to pay

Yoco Invoices automatically include a Yoco Link and a QR code, enabling your customers to pay quickly, easily, and safely. You can also include your banking details if they’re a fan of EFTs.

6. Replaces costly (and confusing) invoicing software

There’s no need to fiddle about with complicated and pricy software or programs. Save the mental space that learning your way around a new digital maze inevitably takes up for upping your hustle (or your Wordle score).

7. Itemised billing made simple

If you sell or render multiple products or services, typing or writing extensive invoices out is par for the course. Use that time doing literally anything else, when you use Yoco Invoices.

8. Err on the right side of compliant

Sleep at night knowing that SARS doesn’t have your name on a list somewhere by automatically including your tax and VAT number on every invoice you send.

Ready to simplify your invoicing game and impress customers with professional invoices? Thought so.