Send a link and get paid online

Create a payment link in the Yoco App. Send it to your customers on WhatsApp, social media, email or SMS. Get paid.


Pay a small percentage of every payment made.


How it works


Create a sale in the Yoco App and choose payment link.


Send the link to your customer in a chat, email or on social media.


Your customer clicks the link and enters their card details to pay you.

What our merchants love about Yoco Link


Get paid on Facebook, Instagram, email, WhatsApp and more.


All payments are protected with advanced 3D-Secure technology.


Get paid by anyone, anywhere in the world in 2 business days.

Powered by the free Yoco App

Manage your product inventory from anywhere

Analyse your sales history

and product popularity

Get instant notifications when payment is made


More reasons to use Yoco Link

No more EFTs

Tired of following up on unpaid EFTs? Track every sale in the Yoco App, and follow up on unpaid links in a single click.

Add to invoices

Add your link to invoices so that your customers can click through and pay you easily and securely.

Free and secure

Yoco Link is free to join with no monthly fees. And your transactions are protected with 3D-Secure technology.

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Here's what you need to start sending payment links through Yoco:

1. Your bank account details

2. A copy of your ID

3. The free Yoco App on your smartphone

Yoco Link FAQs

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How do I create a payment link?

Open your Yoco App or Business Portal. Select Create a sale in the App. Then select Yoco Link and set the amount. You can now copy that link to share or send to your customers.


Where can I send the payment link?

Once you’ve copied the payment link, you can send it to your customer on email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. You can even add it to digital invoices.


Do I get notified when a payment is made?

Yes instantly, and you can easily follow up on outstanding payments in the App.


How long does it take for the money from a sale to reflect in my account?

A maximum of 2 business days. And you’ll be able to see your sales history in the Yoco App.

Yoco Card Machines and Online Payments

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