Six ways to market and sell Yoco Vouchers to boost your cash flow

25th August 2021

Remember when you were a kid and you got a CNA voucher for Christmas and you were all like, “Oh wow, thanks!”, but you were secretly salty that Santa didn’t get you a Troll doll? Ya, me too. Fast forward to 2021, where gift vouchers are coveted items that everyone – from Gen Zs to geriatrics – is stoked to receive. 

In short, vouchers are the shiz. And Yoco Vouchers? Even better. There’s something about the combination of possibility and mystery that’s a lot more alluring as an adult than when we were knee-height and obsessed with Tamagotchis. Add an element of altruism to the mix and you’ve got a potent product that customers have trouble saying no to.  

In an economic climate where every Rand counts, gift vouchers are a simple, effective way to boost cash flow (especially if there’s another lockdown on the horizon). Ready to add another income stream to your revenue? I thought so. Read on for six super easy ways to market and sell gift vouchers:

1. Throw in access to an exclusive "secret menu", virtual event, or special

Who doesn’t want to feel special? Entice shoppers to add a voucher to their basket by giving voucher-buyers access to *something* that other shoppers don’t. Whether it’s a virtual event, limited edition product, or customised service, capitalise on the innate human desire of wanting to one-up our peers, by throwing in some sort of exclusive add-on.

2. Create a raffle with a big-ticket prize as the carrot

Make like an influencer and launch a giveaway where every Yoco voucher sold equals one entry. Shoppers love a lucky draw – especially if it’s for a (relatively) valuable or coveted prize. 

Bonus tip: Increase vouchers sales further by joining forces with other Yoco merchants to create a giveaway bonanza – the more, the merrier.

3. Reward Yoco voucher buyers with a discount or free item

Everyone loves a freebie!  Adding in a free item or a discount is a simple yet effective way to increase voucher sales. You can also operate on a tier system – for example, one voucher = a 5% discount; two vouchers = 15%, etc, or one voucher  = a free item worth R10, two vouchers = one free item worth R30.

4. Widen the net and sell Yoco Vouchers via your social media channels

If trade has slowed down, taking to social media to remind customers that you’re still alive and kicking is vital – and that their support is critical to your livelihood. 

Bonus tip: Run a paid campaign to get extra reach.

5. Create a fan club for supporters

The retail equivalent of sitting with the cool kids – give customers another incentive to buy a Yoco voucher by creating a fan club that elevates the aspect of exclusivity to a whole new level. A fan club might sound fancy – but executing one can be as straightforward (or elaborate) as you make it; a simple bumper sticker or shout out on social media can be enough of an incentive to entice customers to buy a gift voucher.

6. Sell Yoco Vouchers on your website

Make a fuss about the fact that gift vouchers are available – at any price point. Add a banner, pop-up, or reminder at checkout so that they’re top of mind. And, make sure you emphasise just how quick and easy this method of support is. The simpler you make it for someone to buy a voucher, the more you’ll sell (revolutionary, I know).

Ready to add another income stream to your business? Of course you are! If you’re an existing Yoco customer (hello friend!), simply activate the voucher option in your app (here’s a super quick tutorial).

If you’re not yet part of the Yoco fam – sign up here.