Yoco Payment Link: Get paid online in 4 easy steps, no website required!

10th December 2021

What is a ‘payment link’?

A payment link is an instant request to make payment, sent to your customers however you choose, which allows them to pay their bill by following the link. The payment is then securely processed online, without you needing a card machine, or a website.  

Yoco Link is a powerful solution that allows you to take payments, wherever your customers are – whether that’s WhatsApp, SMS, any social media account, or email.

Yoco Vouchers allow your customers to support you whenever, wherever – plus they’re perfect festive gift ideas that are great for your cash flow too.  

What are the top 5 benefits of using a payment link?

  1. A payment link makes it easier for customers to pay you – your customers can pick when and how to pay, at their convenience.


  2. More convenience for customers means a better service experience overall – which famously leads to even more sales in the future.
  3. You (usually) get paid faster – when it’s easy and convenient, customers tend to pay their bills more quickly. No more waiting for EFTs!


  4. Using a payment link makes taking payments easier for you too – you send your customer the link and let them do the rest!


  5. Totally secure – all Yoco payments are always super secure, and our online payments are just as safe and protected! 

Follow these 4 simple steps to get paid with Yoco Payment Link:

Yoco’s products are always built for our customers – that means every small business or self employed person, no matter how big, small or tech (un)savvy. We’ve got you covered. Here’s how to use Yoco’s Payment Link to take remote payments, without a card machine, website or online store! 

BONUS: If you’re already part of the Yoco community, skip ahead to Step 3!

Step 1: Sign up with Yoco

Join the movement. Sign up online from your phone, tablet or computer in less than 5 minutes here. Remember, with Yoco signup is free and there are no monthly fees or contracts – find out more about our rates, and only paying when you get paid, here

Step 2: Download the Yoco App

This is where the magic really starts. Get ready to experience the best thing for starting, running or growing (pretty much) anything! Download the Yoco App (it’s free) onto your smartphone or tablet – struggling? Here’s how. 

Step 3: Send your payment link

First create a sale in the Yoco App, choose to pay with Payment Link, add how much to charge and your customer’s details. Share the link via WhatsApp, SMS, email, social media, or attach to your invoice. For more, check this video out.

*For vouchers, go to “Vouchers” in the Yoco App, and activate your Gift Vouchers Page. Share your Gift Voucher Page Link with your customers any way you like – for more, check out this video.

Step 4: GET PAID! Ka ching!

When your customers click on their unique payment (or voucher) link, they’ll be automatically prompted to pay online. That’s it! No more chasing payments. You’ll then be able to track when it’s been paid, and when you’ll get your payout all from the App.

As always, all your sales and payment information get captured in the Yoco App, so you always have full control. Here, you can view every sale, what’s been paid and what hasn’t, process refunds and manage every aspect of your store. You’ll also get free access to custom business insights and intelligence. But that’s just the beginning – if you’re not already totally obsessed, check out the Yoco App User Guide here.