Introducing Yoco Khumo: SA’s smartest card machine for any business

18th October 2021

card payments

If the Guinness Book of Records allowed card machines to flex their abilities for a spot in the legendary publication, then the Yoco Khumo would hold the record for the fastest transaction ever. Imagine: you flip to tap, and your transaction goes through in 3 seconds or less – now that’s flipping fast. 

Introducing the Yoco Khumo, our smartest card machine yet. Here are ten things you should know about our latest card machine:

1. Unlimited and ultra-fast 4G data

The Yoco Khumo is a standalone card machine that gets you paid with free, unlimited and ultra-fast 4G data for a lifetime of transactions. You can connect to the built-in 4G SIM that works in your area, or you can connect to WiFi.

2. Easy peasy lemon squeezy

It’s literally as easy as one-two-three-four.

1) Take it out of the box
2) Turn it on
3) Sign up on the device
4) Accept card payments.

It’s that simple. 

3. Built to grow with your business

This faster than fast card machine is perfect for small business owners who are new to card payments, or for those savvy card machines owners who need an upgrade, are serious about growing their businesses, or want to work more efficiently and do business better. 

4. Tap into more sales

Can I tap with the Yoco Khumo? In the famous words of Michelle’s husband, “Yes we can,” or better yet, yes you can. You can swipe, insert, use Apple Pay, or you can *flip to tap in under 3 seconds.

*The Yoco Khumo comes with a unique tap to pay feature. To make a tap payment, flip the Yoco Khumo card machine upside down, then tap the card on the Khumo to pay.

5. It’s worth every cent

The Yoco Khumo is smart, fast, durable and very affordable. For a low R999 once-off, you’ll own the Yoco Khumo outright. You can order yours here, and we’ll deliver it for free anywhere in South Africa within three business days. Or you can get it at any of our retail partners like Cellucity, iStore, Incredible Connection, hi stores, HiFi Corp, and Pep stores. 

6. HD in living colour

The Yoco Khumo has a world-class standalone card machine that has a full-HD touchscreen with touch, swipe and pinch functionality similar to a smartphone, the only difference, it accepts card payments and enables you to run your business on one smart device. It doesn’t get smarter than that.

7. Smarter than smart

Doing business is a lot easier with Khumo. You can now send receipts to your customers via email or SMS, add notes to your transactions, process refunds easily and securely from your card machine, enable and manage tips in the tools screen, and view your full on-screen sales history.

8. Help is a fingertip away

Isn’t it great to know there’s always someone ready to help if things go wrong? Chat to the support team directly on the Khumo card machine. Simply start a live chat in the Yoco App or on The team is ready and available seven days a week from Monday to Sunday from 08h00 to 20h00, or you can call us on 087 550 9626, or if you prefer, you can email us at [email protected] any time. 

9. Unlimited growth potential

When you buy your Yoco Khumo, you get more than just a card machine, you’ll get access to Yoco’s Online Payment Suite, which includes easy to use online products like Yoco Gateway, Yoco Link, Yoco Vouchers and Yoco Portal to suit your unique business needs. Download the Yoco App from the Apple, Android and Huawei app stores.

Flip, that’s a whole business package in one smart card machine. Order yours here.