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Why use 
Shopstar & Yoco

Safety first

All transactions are protected by 3D-Secure technology.

Get paid fast

Get paid in 2 business days with no payout fees.

A unified solution

Track every sale in one place, in-person or online.

More for less

Get powerful tools like invoices, payment links and more.


How to plug Yoco in


Create your Yoco profile in a few short minutes.


Install the Yoco payment app in your Shopstar site.


You’re ready to accept card payments!

Sign up in 5 minutes

Here's what you need to become a Yoco merchant:

01. Your bank account details

02. A copy of your ID

03. The free Yoco App on your smartphone

Fees Calculator

How much money will you process through Yoco per month?




R0.00(ex. VAT)

We only take money,

when you make money.


2.95%(ex. VAT)

The more you grow,

the lower the fees go.

Shopstar is the leading local online store builder

And 240 000 business owners get paid 
with Yoco. Why not use SA’s most trusted payment platform for the self-employed?


Yoco Gateway x Shopstar FAQs

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How do I link Yoco to my website?

Sign up to Yoco for free. Log into your Yoco Portal and go to Online payments then Payment gateway. Here you’ll find your Test and Live API keys to plug into your website.


Should I do a test transaction first?

We recommend you test that payments work on your website by using the Test card details provided in your Yoco Portal. Using your own card in Test mode won’t work.


How long does it take for the money from a sale to reflect in my account?

A maximum of 2 business days. You also get instant notifications when a payment is made, and can track it all through the Yoco App or Portal.


What is the minimum amount for a payment?

For card payments its’ just R2! Any payment less than will fail and you’ll receive an error message. There’s no minimum limit on EFTs.