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Bravery has a home

We're celebrating every business owner that had the courage and dedication to turn their passion into a storefront. You have a home with us.


Meet some of them


Wanda Lephoto

Founder and Creative Director of WANDA LEPHOTO.


Mpho Phalane

Founder and Head Chef of FOOD, I LOVE YOU.


Amber Hendricks

Founder and Studio Owner of MONARCH TATTOO CO.

Yoco, a Home for Brave Business

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The home of brave businesses

A story of courage, tension and the immense reward of running a business.

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For everything we never got to see

The sacrifices, early mornings, 
and unexpected wins compounding
 in your favour.

For believing, when no one else did

Kept your head down. 
Stayed in your lane. 
Even when nobody saw the light. 

For the 5-9 that became your 24/7

Who would have thought your passion, dedication, and ambition would turn into 
an unlimited paycheck?  

Managing tension and reward






For the brave

For choosing to change your future, and of those around you. Even when they did not believe.

For following your gut, and relentlessly crafting. Even when told no, over and over again. 

For your dedication, your commitment and your enduring faith.
Bravery has a home.

Unfiltered stories of courage

These small business owners have mastered their craft and turned their dream into a lifelong passion.


Wanda Lephoto

Wanda Lephoto’s intrinsic designs take inspiration from his community, carefully translated into a fashion collection, and deeply appreciated by the world.


Amber Hendricks

A great story starts by challenging the status quo. Amber founded Monarch Tattoo Co. and took on the gatekeepers head-on, while building a space to be creative.


Mpho Phalane

Building a family and a thriving business? Mpho Phalane, the founder of “Food, I Love You” has put the work in and now she's a master of both worlds.


Brave businesses run it with Yoco

Card machines

Discover our range of smart card machines

Discover our range of smart card machines.

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The most-loved point of sale in SA. Use it on a tablet or your Yoco card machine.

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Manage your business and get insights to grow.

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Track the day-to-day of your business, and access more ways to get paid, in the Yoco App.

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Yoco Capital

Fast funding with easy repayment

Yoco Capital is a fast, flexible cash advance available to eligible Yoco customers.

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Yoco Gateway

Combine your online and in-person sales

The most-loved point of sale in SA. Use it on a tablet or your Yoco card machine.

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