Payment link

Payment links make it easy to accept card payments online without a website. You create and share your link. Your customer clicks the link, enters their bank details and pays you. Simple!

Say goodbye to “I’ll EFT you when I get home” and hello to timely payments. (And happy customers.)

Hustling is hard in the digital economy – but accepting payments shouldn’t be

The internet has gifted us with a world of wonder: Grumpy Cat, streaming, podcasts, and, the star of the show: online payments. But cashing in on shoppers’ love for online shopping and contactless payments has traditionally relied on having an online store. No more!

Thanks to payment links, anyone can accept online payments

Yup, anyone. 

Instagram mavens, Facebook traders, virtual service providers, deposit-needing craftspeople – I’m talking to you

Whether you trade online or off, you can use payment links to accept payments. Customers pay quickly, easily, and securely. It’s that simple. 

Payment links can open up a whole new customer base, keep your existing customers stoked, and let you say goodbye to chasing up payments. 

To recap, if you fall into any of these categories, payment links are for you:

  • Social media sellers

  • E-commerce entrepreneurs

  • Craftspeople or bespoke service providers who require a deposit

  • Virtual service providers

  • Businesses who cater to foreign customers

  • On-site services (think plumbers, electricians, travelling beauticians, gardeners extraordinaire etc.) 

Access payment links on our free App

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Step 1

Download it from your app store for free.

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Step 2

Create your Yoco business profile in-app

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Step 3

Send payment links to anyone for free!

Get started

Easy to create, and easy to use, you can send payment links to your customers via WhatsApp, email, social media, text message or on your invoices. Yebo.

Safety first, ek sȇ

Like all of our other payment methods, Yoco Link is secure. All payments are protected using 3D-secure technology, so you and your customers can concentrate on doing business together. 

How it works:

  1. Login to the Yoco App. Under “Send”, create a payment link.

  2. Send the payment link to your customer 

  3. Your customers pays you

  4. You receive an instant notification

  5. Yay!

Best of all? Making use of Yoco Link doesn’t cost you a thing. Niks, mahala, free!

Yup – Yoco Link is free to use. No subscription or additional infrastructure required. Simply sign up to Yoco today (also for free!), and watch the moolah roll in. Want to find out more? Read our blog on the seven ways to use our payment link to level up.

Ready to use Yoco Link to take your business to the next level? Sign up here and join the fam.

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