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Money app

A colloquial term for an app that lets you manage your money on your phone, including payments, orders and more. Small business owners can download and use the powerful Yoco App to get paid and grow.

What's a money app?

From Friyay takeout and chatting with friends to shopping for new kicks and topping up on electricity, apps make all aspects of our lives that little bit easier. Money apps are no different.

Trekking to an ATM or standing in a (socially-distanced) queue to see how your savings have grown, or get a printed statement of your latest expenditure is so yesterday.

Thanks to money apps, banking is a lot more convenient

From viewing your everyday transactions to opening a savings account or applying for a loan, money apps take the headache out of managing your money – wherever you are, whenever you like.

Convenience factor aside, money apps are super secure, making use of high-end encryption technologies and two-factor authentication, in line with international security standards. It’s a no-brainer, really: when it comes to personal and business banking, money apps are where it’s at.

Running a business is a 24/7/365 gig, leaving little time for needless admin

Spending hours of your day just to manage your money is not a vibe. Thanks to money apps, you can manage your money in a fraction of the time. And the faster you can get a handle on your finances, the faster your business can grow. Lekker!

Which is exactly why we built the Yoco App. Your business, your way, on the device in your hand.

The hustle is hard work. The Yoco money app makes managing your business simple.

Our money app is free!

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Step 1

Download it from your app store for free.

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Step 2

Create your Yoco business profile in-app

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Step 3

Manage your money and grow your business!

What makes our money app great?

1. Process multiple transactions types quickly, easily, and securely

Easily create and process cash (some people are old school), card (via Yoco Go or Neo), Apple Pay, or via a payment link.

2. Manage stock and inventory via an intuitive system

Manual stocktakes are not a vibe. Closing up shop and losing out on sales to count stock is definitely not a vibe. Thanks to the Yoco App, you don’t have to do either.

3. View your entire sales history, in detail

It’s easier to grow when you know where you’ve been. View details of each transaction so you can plot your rise to the top.

4. Manage staff access

Succeeding as a small business is that much easier when you can delegate. Easily add staff and manage permissions, so they can accept payments without having access to sensitive information.

5. Access Yoco’s live support

Don’t panic when things don’t go to plan. Chat with our customer support agents and get back to business, all via the Yoco App.

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