Yoco Neo

The card machine that integrates with your POS and comes with unlimited 4G data.

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We deliver for free in SA within 3 business days

How it works


Turn it on to pair with your POS, or use in standalone mode.


Your customer pays by tapping, swiping or inserting their card.


Done. The money's in your account within 2 business days.

Yoco Neo machine

What merchants love about the Yoco Neo

Free 4G SIM

The Neo is loaded with unlimited 4G data for ultra-fast transactions.

Integrates with POS

Pair it with the Yoco POS to track sales, products and stock.

Ready to move

The Neo is mobile. Get paid wherever business takes you!

Merchants using the Yoco Neo

Comes with the free Yoco App

Manage your stock and

staff sales performance

Analyse your sales history

and product popularity

Send digital receipts or print

with a Bluetooth printer

Fees Calculator

How much money will you process through your Yoco Neo per month?




R0.00(ex. VAT)

We only take money,

when you make money.


2.95%(ex. VAT)

The more you grow,

the lower the fees go.

99% of merchants accepted

Here's what you need to order your Yoco Neo in 5 minutes:

1. Your bank account details

2. A copy of your ID

3. Your delivery address

Yoco Neo FAQs

Visit Help Centre


Where do I buy the Yoco Neo From?

Click right here to order your Yoco Neo. We’ll deliver for free anywhere in South Africa within 3 business days.


Do I need a smart device to accept card payments on the Yoco Neo?

The Yoco Neo can be used as a standalone, mobile card machine. You can also connect to your smart device via Bluetooth to integrate it with your Point of Sale.


How long does it take to set up the Yoco Neo?

The Yoco Neo is ready to accept card payments as soon as you take it out the box. Order from our website to get free delivery in SA within 3 business days. It arrives already linked to your bank account!


How long does it take for the money from a sale to reflect in my account?

A maximum of 2 business days. And you’ll be able to see your sales history in the Yoco App.