Bluetooth pairing

Bluetooth pairing is a way to connect devices. It's a bit like calling someone – you need to meet and get their number. Once two devices are connected, like the Yoco Go and your smartphone, they can exchange information.

Yes, Vikings. If you’ve ever wondered where Bluetooth got its name, we’ll tell you. And if you haven’t, we’ll tell you anyway.

Way, way back in 958, Danish King Harald Gormsson was famous for his diplomacy which culminated in Denmark and Norway uniting. He was also known for his dead tooth which had a blue-ish tinge. (Yup, I didn’t see that coming either.) 

Fast forward to 1996 when tech innovators Ericsson, Intel, and Nokia joined forces to standardise the use of short-wave radio technology

Lacking a name, the project was nicknamed Bluetooth.  There are a couple of other points to the story but they involve a bunch of technical terms that probs aren’t your cup of tea…but anyway.

The name stuck and here we are: relying on Bluetooth pairing for everything from portable speakers at a party to processing payments

Bluetooth pairing essentially means that two devices are shaking hands (invisibly, obvs). Unlike other wireless connections (think WiFi, satellite tv, mobile phones, etc.) that rely on radio waves that travel great distances, Bluetooth uses radio waves to connect two devices that are relatively close to one another. (It’s the friendlier form of wireless connectivity if you will). It also uses far less data than WiFi. Bonus.

Yoco uses Bluetooth pairing to send information from your card machine to your mobile device in order to process a payment. Cool man. Because Bluetooth pairing relies on a smartkey (think of it as the equivalent of an OTP), information is secured, safe from the clutches of scheming skelms.

But that’s not all. Thanks to Bluetooth pairing, your card machine can connect with the Yoco App on your device

From there, you can access the Yoco Portal. *angels singing* We like to think of the Yoco Portal as our merchant’s secret weapon: full of vital information and tools that make operating and optimising your business a breeze.

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Track sales

Cards, cash, EFTs, and mobile payments. It's all there.

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See trends

See staff sales performance, best selling stock, busiest times of day and more.

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100% mobile

Access it from your phone or computer from wherever you are.

Good job, Bluetooth!

Sound good? Read more about the Yoco Portal here, then join over 200 000 Mzansi merchants who use Yoco to get paid, by signing up here.