Neo Touch

Our newest card machine takes the drama out of getting paid. Comes with unlimited 4G data and a countertop charging stand.

Now only


+ R49/month connectivity fee

Simple, drama-free payments

The Neo Touch is a standalone card machine that fits in the palm of your hand. It gets you paid fast, simply and easily. Who needs drama?

It's fast

Accept all major cards to get paid in under 3 seconds.

It's smart

Its touchscreen is super responsive and easy to use.

It's standalone

Its made for your countertop, but you can take it anywhere.


Sometimes boring is better

Getting paid should be 100% drama free. So we made a card machine that makes payments so fast, so reliable and so fresh, it’s actually kinda boring.

Less stage

4, 5 or 6 drama

When the power goes off, your sales stay on thanks to unlimited 4G data.

Less dead

battery drama

The Neo Touch can do up to 400 transactions on a single charge.

Less long

queue drama

When transactions happen in under 3 seconds, long lines disappear.

Dodge the drama with every sale

Create sales notes and accept tips. Record cash sales and view your sales history. Process refunds, and send receipts via SMS or email. All from your Neo Touch.

Made for growing businesses

The Neo Touch is all about simple, fast payments. If you need the following features, this device is not for you:

  • Product catalogues
  • Staff profiles and switching
  • Integrations

Fees Calculator

How much will you process through your Yoco Neo Touch per month?




R0.00(ex. VAT)

We only take money,

when you make money.


2.95%(ex. VAT)

The more you grow,

the lower the fees go.

Neo Touch FAQs

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How do I get started on the Neo Touch?

Switch your Neo Touch on by pressing the power button for 3 seconds. Follow the prompt on screen to sign up if you don't have a Yoco profile, or log in if you do.


What can my Neo Touch do?

Everything you need for great drama-free payments! You can also create sales notes, accept tips, record cash and view your sales history. You‘re also able to process refunds and conveniently send SMS and email receipts.


How do I enable tools like 'cash sale' or 'tips'?

Do you still take some cash payments? Would you like your customers to be able to tip you for great service? The Yoco Neo Touch has all the sales tools you need. To activate them, press on sales tools from the home screen.


How do I choose my SIM?

The Yoco Neo Touch comes with one free 4G SIM card from Vodacom, with unlimited data (to use with your Neo Touch). We'll also include a backup SIM from MTN in the box. After 30 days of taking payments on your Neo Touch, we'll automatically deactivate whichever SIM you're not using.