Earn R500 for referring a friend to Yoco

Invite a fellow entrepreneur to Yoco and we'll give you R500 for everyone that buys a card machine and transacts over R1000


Only available to current Yoco merchants


How it works


Open your Yoco App or Portal and select Refer a friend in the main menu.


Send your referral link to friend. They click to get R100 off.


Once the business you refer is settled for R1000, we pay you R500.

Make extra moola with Yoco’s referral program

Easy cash

Making a quick R500 couldn't be simpler. And you can invite an unlimited number of unique businesses. Seriously. It’s on us!

Your friend gets a discount

Your friend gets R100 off their Yoco card machine when they sign up. Everyone wins.


Track your referrals anywhere

Manage everything in the Yoco App or Portal

Share your referral link directly with your friends

Keep up to date with your entire referral history

Some of our referrers


NM Promotions

For me this is more than getting a reward it’s actually about helping people grow.

Nombulelo Matyumza

Cape Town


DHS Multiservices

I copied my referral link and sent it off to my friend. She clicked on the link while I was there. Not even 10 minutes later she received a call. Within 2 days her card machine was delivered.

Thinus Brits



Pretty Little Lilly

I am a supplier of jewellery parts and I love that I can refer my clients to use Yoco as well to build their businesses. It makes me feel good to empower others.

Jana Luttig



Affie Plaas Boerseep

This was just a breeze. It was easy as one, two, three! Downloaded the link, shared to my friend and got my reward from Yoco.

Duan Goosen



Witbank Bulbinella

Family and friends saw how easy and effortlessly I was transacting in my small business with Yoco and became interested in obtaining a card machine, I shared my referral link with them via the Yoco Portal and within 3 days they were also happy Yoco users. Fantastic service with peace of mind.

Annette Schutte




The referral Yoco program has boosted me a lot when it comes to the rewards. It has really been so easy to refer my friends and some of my customers to the platform that is so satisfying and get rewarded for doing so🎉. That, is a good gesture from Yoco❤️.

Nontuthuzelo Mgwedli


Sign up in 5 minutes

Here's what you need to become a Yoco merchant:

01. Your bank account details

02. A copy of your ID

03. Business address (if you order a card machine only)

Referral FAQs


Can anyone join the Referral Programme?

Any Yoco merchant can benefit from the Referral Program. So all you have to do is create a Yoco profile for your business and you can start referring your friends.


Does the business I refer get a discount on their card machine?

Yes! Any business owner you refer to Yoco gets R100 off Yoco card machines bought through your unique referral link. Please note, your friends aren’t able to claim a referral discount on card machines bought through our retail partners.