Everyone makes mistakes once in a while. When someone says Yocco, they usually mean Yoco. And if you're reading this, you know who we are!


Yocco. Yoko. Yo!Co! YOCO...

As a wise person once said, “An African technology company building the future of open commerce would still be as cool as…” well, you get where we’re going right? What we’re saying is:

However you spell our name, we’re cool with it.

What’s important to us is that our name is synonymous with empowering the little guy, the hustlers, underdogs, the small business owners of Mzansi and beyond who’re making it, despite the odds – one payment at a time.

The world of payments is changing. We’re working to change it for the better.

Doing business hinges on being able to accept payments. And in a world where cards and online payments reign over cash, business owners need to provide their customers with easy ways to pay. The thing is, card machines are traditionally expensive, difficult to use, and well, a bit of a las, really.

We’ve changed it all: getting paid with Yoco is easy and affordable. The result? Starting, running, and growing a business is a whole lot easier.

We’re the future of payments in Africa

Not to toot our own horn or anything, but we’ve raised over $100 million from some of the world’s top technology investors who backed barrier-breaking companies including Square, Stone, and Nubak. It’s our turn now – as we grow to help SA entrepreneurs get paid.

We’re a group of people who’re passionate about empowering SA entrepreneurs.

The Yoco family is a diverse bunch of talented, ‘hecking smart and all-round-rad people. From developers and designers to content whizzkids and customer support agents, we’re united by our commitment to stand up for the small guy or gal, and our drive to build a future of open commerce.

At the heart of it, Yoco exists to enable you to thrive.

Isn't it time you came along for the ride?

Get paid your way

Get paid in person or online with our suite of products made for small business.

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