Point of Sale system (POS)

A point of sale is a system that facilitates and records transactions between a customer and a business. Point of sale software like the powerful Yoco POS can track your sales history, products categories and more, helping you keep track of all the moving parts in your business.

A point of sale system, also known as a POS, is the brains of any business selling multiple products or services. It enables you and your staff to perform and manage the most important business functions with ease.

Managing multiple transactions made by multiple staff members is a bit like herding cats.

If you’re working without a point of sale system, that is. Thanks to this smart software, multiple employees can process payments, accept tips, run tabs, offer customers the option of splitting bills, and manage their tables.

The result? A seamless operation that runs (almost) on its own.

Point of sale systems put the customer experience front and centre.

As a business owner, your success can hinge on how well you can manage customers (and their expectations). Keeping your customers happy is doable when the numbers work in your favour, but when business is booming (hooray!), it’s easy to drop the ball if you’re tackling complicated or tedious tasks manually.

The good news is, the right point of sale system can do the majority of the hard work for you. How? By enabling you to offer and process discounts, promotions, and refunds – in a few simple clicks.

Happy customers aside, point of sale systems elevate your stock management game.

Manually managing inventory is like going to the dentist: no one wants to do it, but putting it on the back burner can have some painful consequences further down the line.

When you’re equipped with the right POS software, however, a task that typically requires a whole lot of time and admin is simplified and well, a lot more manageable.

The Yoco POS is all that and more

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Simple for staff

Accept tips, manage tables, tabs, and split bills.

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Priority products

Convenient shortcuts let you sell popular products fast.

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Customer first

Offer discounts, promos and refunds with a few clicks.

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