Cash advance

A cash advance is a sum of money that helps you achieve your business goals. Whether that's a store renovation, a big stock order or another form of investment, the injection of cash can help you grow your business.

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The 411: cash advances vs business loans

If you’re a bit confused as to the difference between the two, no sweat. While they both involve money being loaned to you, a cash advance and a business loan differ in the way that they’re paid back.

Here’s what’s what:

Cash advance

A sum of money that you pay back via a percentage of your sales.

Business loan

A sum of money paid back via set terms and conditions.

A cash advance is like a Red Bull for your business (but healthier)

Business is booming. Yay! But in order to grow your business you need cash, which is in short supply. Sound familiar? You’re not alone. In fact, a shortage of cash is the biggest hurdle entrepreneurs face when expanding their operations.

Enter: a cash advance. An injection of funds that you can use to rent more space, hire additional staff, upgrade your restaurant kitchen, or whatever it is that your business needs to grow.

The world is in crisis. Your business doesn’t have to be

From lockdowns to loadshedding, businesses big and small have suffered major setbacks since the C-word became part of the zeitgeist.

This means that while extra cash is more important than ever, it’s also more difficult to come by.

Even if you’re a meticulous planner (hats off to you!), a burst geyser followed by a fridge full of rotting food due to Eishkom refusing to come to the party, coupled with an increase in courier fees due to petrol hikes can mean that your cash reserves are quickly depleted.

In other words, sometimes the poo hits the fan.  

Traditional business loans require patience and a love for paperwork

Two things you have in short supply when you’ve got customers demanding to know why their coffee is cold and a staff member who’s called in sick.

Borrowing money from a bank is a lengthy, convoluted process that often entails a substantial wait for funds to land in your account.

Here's how you win with cash advances


Some cash advances (such as Yoco Capital) are deposited in your account within 1 business day.


Everything is done online, so less admin for you. Save your energy for growing your business!


Paying back a cash advance through your sales means there's less financial pressure on you.

Yoco Capital is the best cash advance for small businesses

Yoco Capital: the cash advance that works for you. You know we’re all about getting you paid.

And we know that getting paid often relies on having the moolah to give your business a leg up. That’s why we created Yoco Capital, Mzansi’s favourite way to bolster business. 

It's available to Yoco merchants that have been on the platform for 3 months or more and meet simple sales criteria.

Don’t just take out word for it - see how some of our merchants have used Yoco Capital, cash advances to take their hustles from strength to strength:

Merchants growing with Yoco Capital


Mlami's Transport

A friendly and reliable driver for personal or professional shuttling.




Junk Park

Gourmet junk food made with fresh ingredients and attention to detail.




Sweet Moments

Fantastic soft serve and super service from an old-school ice cream truck.

Food truck

Onrus Beach


Bokmakerie Nursery

A small town nursery with a wide selection of indoor and outdoor plants.



3 ways Yoco Capital helps you grow


We get it: some months are better than others, so when sales slow down, your repayments do too.

No risk

We don’t ask for any collateral to back your cash advance. That’s one less thing to stress about. Nice hey?


Go to your Yoco Portal and see if you qualify. Apply in 5 minutes, get approved you get the cash in 1 business day.

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