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Affordable solutions for dealing with loadshedding if you work from home

Get tips to beat loadshedding for your home office now.

Oh, how the South African pandemic has forever changed the business world. Many of us are no longer stuck in offices all day but have our own places from where we operate. But a new shift is taking place. Those working a full work-from-home day are now split between some work at the office and home. Virtually unavoidable is the impact loadshedding has on business productivity. Workers must make up for lost time, which causes pressure to reach deadlines.

Meet Peter, Director of Project Management at Xigent, His company is involved with installing small- and medium-sized solar power installations in the domestic, commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors. Peter ensures his clients receive the highest quality work on time. He does this according to the specifications set by SAPVIA (South African Photovoltaic Industry Association) and ECA (Electrical Contractors Association), the two organisations of the solar power industry.

Is your business a small start-up home business in a kasi? Meet Lindiwe and Natty, owners of Keep Your Lights “ON”, which specialises in loadshedding solutions for kasi-based homes and businesses in Thokoza.

It was great to chat to Lindiwe, Natty and Peter about affordable loadshedding solutions.

Read on to get more tips about loadshedding solutions

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What is transaction monitoring in Yoco Terms?

A: For Yoco, transaction monitoring is a key part of the AML (Anti-Money Laundering) process. It’s a legal requirement that forces financial institutions to monitor the flow of money.


Why is transaction monitoring important?

Transaction monitoring helps block money-laundering attempts and other illegal activities. A financial institution that fails to meet AML requirements will have to pay hefty fines.


What does it mean if my account is under risk review?

One or more transactions is/are in the process of being verified.


How long does the risk review take?

1-7 working days for local payments. 1 - 14 working days for international payment.


Does Yoco have the right to hold back my funds?

Yes. As per Yoco’s merchant agreement and per the scheme rules, we're allowed to hold back suspicious or high-risk transactions until relevant supporting documentation has been provided.


When will the funds reflect in my account after the conclusion of the risk review?

Within 24-48 hours.


What could cause my services to be terminated?

Your services can be terminated when there is confirmed fraud, high risk behaviour, or you operate a business on the prohibited business list.


Why are cash loans/financial services/crypto traders not allowed?

These businesses are on our prohibited list, as outlined on our website and in our merchant agreement. You can get a full breakdown of our prohibited business list here.


What happens if one of my transactions is confirmed fraud by the bank?

Yoco’s Transaction Monitoring Team will do the following:

- Request an invoice for the confirmed fraud transaction and any other supporting documentation.

- Conduct a review of the merchant’s account.

- If Yoco determines that your account is fraudulent/suspicious, we’ll follow due process with the bank to return the funds to the cardholder, if possible.

- Yoco’s Transaction Monitoring Team will inform you of the investigation's progress via phone or email.


Why does Yoco refund money back to the cardholder?

Yoco reserves the right to refund a cardholder their money based on the following:

- If the merchant’s account transaction history is suspicious

- If the merchant displays a high-risk behaviour

- If no invoice is supplied by the merchant 

- If there’s non-delivery of goods 

- In cases of serious complaints/allegations from the cardholder.

Refunds generally take between 1-14 days to reflect in the cardholder’s bank account, depending on who the cardholder banks with.


Why does Yoco require an invoice for transactions?

Yoco’s Transaction Monitoring Team will require an invoice if/when they need to verify a transaction as genuine. Additionally, as per Mastercard, Visa, and Yoco T&Cs, suspicious transactions must be verified with a detailed invoice, for any goods sold or services rendered.