How to set up a simple online store with Shopify

1st July 2022

Shopify and Yoco Gateway make selling online easier than ever

Cashing in online is a far cry from the arduous process that used to be setting up an online store. Here’s your quick-start guide to building and trading via an e-commerce store, thanks to Shopify and Yoco Gateway.

How to create an online store with Shopify

All you need to create a Shopify store are some high-res photos of your products, a laptop, an internet connection, and the ability to follow instructions. Ready to tap into shoppers’ love for online shopping

The deal with Yoco Gateway

Once you’ve set up your store, all that’s standing between you and a spike in sales is a way for your customers to pay. The solution? Yoco Gateway – our simple and secure online payment gateway.  Install it in a matter of minutes and there you have it – you’re in (e-commerce) business. Click the button below for a detailed guide on how to install the plugin.

Get started on your online store, and don’t forget to let us know how it goes! Tag us on social media with your brand-new online store link. 


Yoco is an African technology company that builds tools and services to help small businesses get paid, run their business better, and grow. We believe that by opening up more possibilities for entrepreneurs to be successful, we can help create more jobs, enable people to thrive and help to drive our economy forward.