Yoco Go reviews

1st November 2019

The Yoco Go and its packaging.

The Yoco Go has been in the market for a little over two months and has already seen over 4 000 entrepreneurs get their own card machine and over R20m processed in transactions. We could go on and on about the numbers, but here is what real business owners are saying about it. Check out these snap Yoco Go reviews on social media.

Get going in days

Waiting days for a bank to even take your call is a thing of the past. With a Yoco you go from ordering to getting paid in no time.

Dynamite comes in small packages

Pocket sized. Whether you’re a mobile business or a bricks and mortar shop this card machine gets you paid.

Service on point

From ordering the device to making your 100th or 1 000 000th transaction we are here toย help you.

Simple and easy to use

Pair it with the Yoco App and start doing business within minutes.

Empowering growth

Change the way you do business and see your sales grow. New Yoco merchants have seen up to 40% growth in sales.

Ready to get going?

Sign up for your own Yoco Go by clicking the button below or read up on the features of the card machine.