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Yoco is on a mission to open commerce to the businesses of tomorrow. – be a part of the team that changes financial services across Africa. Curious. Empathetic. Data-driven. Purposeful. 

Sound like you? It sounds a lot like us too.

Product Design is of significant importance at Yoco and, as such, is growing to match the ambitions of the organisation. It is an exciting time with many opportunities to leave a lasting and impactful mark on the broader industry and world of commerce. Design Managers will have the opportunity to grow their teams to adequately support their tribe's needs.

The Product Design team is looking for an experienced Design System Lead to bring expert knowledge, passion for the impact of product design. The human in this role will have the opportunity to collaborate with Product, Tech and Commercial teams to ensure the best product experience for our customers.

Yoco is operating as a distributed company with growing global talent hubs and will accept applications from Africa, Europe, the UK and the Middle East.

What will you be doing?


Working closely with your relevant contributors and consumers, establish a scalable way of work for the effective implementation and scaling of a design system across Yoco. This will include both designing components as reference implementations and collaborating with product designers across the company to ensure consistency as far as it makes sense and nuance for specific needs.


Take our current Design System, both in thinking and design, to its next heights. Scaling its use and setting a benchmark for design systems in the broader industry.


Ensure we are making decisions that have the right balance of customer & business impact, supported and informed by objective data. 

The things you will be responsible for:

  • Bringing together and designing components into a scalable system that help:
    • Teams move faster to market
    • Assist in ensuring excellence in the experiences we deliver to our customers
  • Curate that which needs to be consistent and that which needs to be uniform
  • Work closely with our brand systems team to make sure we deliver our brand through our products
  • Design a way of work that gives the necessary people space to contribute as well as consume from the Design System

Who are we looking for?

Key requirements to perform your responsibilities successfully:

  • You are passionate about design systems and the positive impact they can have for your peers and the customers we serve.
  • You care less about being certain and more about being effective
  • Care & curiosity for people
  • A proven and extensive track record in delivering product experiences. Both directly and indirectly
  • You understand how to lead and influence through demonstration rather than control.
  • You’re not a robot. You understand the rules, but don't follow them for the sake of process and linearity. You bring your whole self to the team.

The Yoco Formula

The Yoco formula is a validated approach to work and a set of behaviours that create maximum value for our customers and help us grow.

Core Values - Our way of working to create value & grow

  • Stay Connected
  • Make Space to Explore
  • Keep it Simple
  • Master your Craft

Core Behaviours - How we show up, engage & treat each other

  • Get to know each other personally
  • Say what you think 
  • Be courageous and focus forward
  • Don’t let ego get in the way


To support this, we have built a role-based organisation where every individual is given the space to focus and develop their innate strengths. Everyone at Yoco has the opportunity to lead a project and become a specialist, enabling flexibility, collaboration and accountability at all levels. You will be working with a diverse, motivated and skilled team who will continuously stretch you as an individual. To learn more about our culture, subscribe to Exposure Gallery

Join us on a meaningful journey at Yoco, and help enable our merchants to thrive through Open Commerce!

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