6 reasons why the Yoco Khumo is right for your small business

16th November 2021

yoco khumo

So, your business is growing, and you now need to accept card payments. Maybe you listened to the radio, saw the TV ads, and heard about the new Yoco Khumo card machine– and you thought to yourself, “this is exactly what I need”. Well, in this article, you’ll find a few things you need to know before you make your smartest choice, and buy the Yoco Khumo. 

Let’s start at the beginning…

1. Why should I get the Khumo?

Besides its dashing good looks? The Yoco Khumo has redefined the meaning of fast. It can process any card transaction in under three seconds, it comes with two built-in SIM cards which can be switched between MTN & Vodacom networks (whichever is faster, naturally), it’s loaded with FREE unlimited 4G data, plus it can also connect to the WiFi if your signal is patchy – it’s time to stop worrying about connectivity when taking payments.

2. Who was the Yoco Khumo built for?

Building a successful business, whether it’s informal or formal, requires a great team. The Yoco Khumo was built for business owners who are looking to accept card payments, need a mobile card machine with no pairing via Bluetooth to a smartphone, and are serious about growing their business. If that’s you, then this smarter than smart card machine was built for YOU. 

Please note: At this stage, the Yoco Khumo does not offer Point of Sale capabilities, like Product catalogue, Staff management, Saved bills etc. 

3. What if I want to upgrade my card machine?

If you bought a Yoco Go, Pro or Neo card machine and have requested an upgrade within the last 30 days of your purchase, you’ll be eligible for an upgrade. Cue in Beyoncé’s lyrics, “Partner, Let Me Upgrade You!” 

If you purchased a Go, Pro or Neo from a retail store and want to upgrade to the Khumo, we’ll follow the same process as above within 30 days of your upgrade request. Remember, you have to return the device to Yoco, and we’ll arrange the upgrade; unfortunately, the retailer won’t be able to assist you with this.  

If you bought your card machine online within the upgrade request period, we’ll apply the difference in the price of the Khumo and the purchased card machine. We’ll then invoice you for the difference in price, or refund the difference. 

Any existing Go, Pro or Neo card machines purchased more than 30 days ago will not, unfortunately, be replaced. You’ll be asked to buy the new Yoco Khumo from the business portal or retail, for the advertised price. 

Remember! If your business utilises Yoco’s POS system, it is best to wait until these features are integrated with the Khumo before upgrading. 

4. Will I be able to afford the Yoco Khumo?

The Yoco Khumo has been subsidised to make it the most affordable smart card machine in SA, so anyone can purchase this faster than fast card machine. Its launch price has been set to a low R999 once-off, and you can get yours at Incredible Connection, iStore, Cellucity or order at yoco.com

5. But wait… there’s more.

When you sign up for your Yoco card machine, you’ll get access to our community, Yoco Gateway, Yoco Link, Yoco Capital, the Yoco App, Yoco Portal, and so much more.

6. Last but not least, what does ‘Khumo’ actually mean?

In South Africa, we have eleven official languages, so when coming up with a name, we needed something that is authentic – and reflects what you, the entrepreneur, is trying to build; in this case, it’s wealth. Khumo is a Tswana name that means wealth or riches.