8 social media tips for business owners during COVID-19

30th March 2020

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Coronavirus updates have overtaken every social media feed around the world. While big brands have professional teams to decide what social media content to put out during this time (some of whom get it wrong!), small business owners are left to make these important decisions alone. Here are a few social media tips to get you started.

Social media content for the past, present and future

Much of creating content that will be well received is about thinking of that social media post in context. Take a moment to consider what has happened so far, what is happening right now, and what the future might hold for your customers. 

Kayli Vee Levitan, an experienced writer and strategist, known for her project The Street Store which reached global accord, amongst other things, has these tips to share.

Do you have any great social media tips for content in the time of COVID-19? Share them with us! 


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