Meet the Yoco Go: the card machine for any small business

16th September 2021

Paying with Yoco

If the Yoco Go was on Tinder, its profile would read: “Small but mighty”. No matter how your customers want to pay, the Go accepts card taps, swipes, inserts, and digital payments methods like Samsung, Google, and Apple Pay. Simple to set up and with a robust battery, owning the Yoco Go comes with a whole bunch of extras, like the Yoco App, Online Payment Solutions and Yoco Capital. 

Ready to read more about our small but super-powerful card machine? 

Here’s why the Yoco Go is far more than just your run-of-the-mill, standard card reader:

1. More than you bargained for

At only R699 for a device that you own outright, with no rental or admin fees – buying and using the Yoco Go is a pretty sweet deal. When it comes to fees, you only pay transaction fees, which start at 2.95% (ex. VAT). And! It goes down as your sales increase. You buy it from us online, and we deliver it free of charge within three days. Or, if you’re in a hurry, you can also get it from several stores at the same competitive price. We’re proudly stocked by Cellucity, iStore, Incredible Connection, hi stores, HiFi Corp, and Pep stores. 

2. Simplicity itself: it’s super easy to use

Process card transactions like a pro by pairing your phone or tablet with the Go in a few quick steps. Your customers can tap, swipe or insert their cards or use digital payments methods like Samsung, Google, and Apple Pay. It’s all possible with this one nifty little device. The Yoco Go transforms taking payments into an intuitive and seamless process. 

3. Super mobile: goes wherever business takes you

The Yoco Go is likely much smaller than your phone! You can hang it from a lanyard or slip it in your pocket because this lightweight little workhorse is coming with you.

4. Small but powerful: All-day battery life

Just one full charge is all you need to carry you through a busy day of transacting. So, charge her up and get out there, so you can get on with the hustle and bustle of business that’s booming –- without worrying about a low battery.

5. Small but mighty: Secure AF

It may look small, but make no mistake: the Go is a powerful piece of engineering that secures all transactions, thanks to software that’s compliant with international safety standards. 

6. Manage your business with the Yoco App

Manage day-to-day admin with features like inventory tracking and smart product categories, so you can always find what you need, when you need it. Plus, add and manage staff access in order to secure sensitive information. 

7. Analyse your sales history and product popularity with the Yoco App

Growing your business is that much easier with some inside intel. The Yoco App enables you to see what’s selling, when, as well as the employees with superstar sales abilities. Then, get a high-level view and put the data into context via a dynamic dashboard populated with live data, displayed for impactful insights and convenience. You’re also able to zoom in on granular insights in the form of sales reports that detail the number of sales, gross sales, payments, product, staff, categories, and brands. 

8. Send digital receipts or print with a Bluetooth printer

Need a receipt? No problem. The Go uses the App to send digital invoices via email or SMS, both at or after the sale. In line with POPIA, your customers’ contact information is secure: Yoco will never use these details for any reason, ever. If you need to print out a physical receipt, you can do that too. The Yoco Go easily connects with a Bluetooth printer. Nifty right?

9. Free access to Yoco Online Payments

Yoco’s Online Payment Suite offers a selection of online payment solutions to suit your unique business. Here’s how it works: when you sign up with Yoco, you get free access to Yoco Gateway, Yoco Link, Invoices, Payment Page and Vouchers (and more coming soon). Best of all? You don’t need to have or buy a Yoco card machine to use any of our sophisticated online products.

10. Qualify for Yoco Capital

Yoco Capital helps you grow your business with a cash advance. Apply from the Business Portal in less than five minutes, and get your money the next day. After paying one flat fee that you agree to, Yoco takes a small percentage of your future card transactions. If sales slow down (or stop), so do your repayments – no penalties, late fees, or collateral.

That’s a whole lot of power in one little machine. Get the Yoco Go today and power up your business, the Yoco way.