When is the best time to upgrade your card machine?

Find out it could be a good time to upgrade your card machine for a small business in South Africa.


When should a small business upgrade its card machine?

Have you been running your small business for a while? Are you wondering when you should upgrade your card machine? In other words, which card machine will best suit your business now and in the future?

Do you need to know more? We chatted with a hair salon owner to share her first-hand experiences with you.

Are you interested to know more? We chatted with a hair salon owner to share her first-hand experiences with you.

Take a look at what Natalie had to say about card machine upgrades.

When is the best time to upgrade your card machine?

“I have decided to upgrade my card machine because of a few reasons:

  • “The current machine is not in good condition. Unfortunately, the card machine is not cared for as well as it should be by employees.

  • "A better card machine with more features will be useful.

  • "A good deal for a new machine from another provider.

  • "I want to own my next card machine.”

Natalie gave us more than one reason to upgrade her card machine. Are you still undecided? Read on for more information about the best time to upgrade your card machine.

Learn more about the best time to upgrade your card machine

So, let’s go through a few scenarios, and you’ll discover what to do what's best for your small business.

How much money do you have for a card machine?

Decide how much you can spend on buying a card machine. Your budget could help you make your choice.

What type of small business do you run?

  • Is your business still quite new? Are you on the go, constantly on the road with your small business, operating at many locations like markets? So, you might prefer the most affordable, light, and small card machine.

  • Is your business well-established, and do you want more out of your card machine? Are you trading from a physical place, such as a hairdresser’s salon or a dentist’s room? So, your next card machine's features could be a high priority. Also, you might be less concerned about a card machine’s size and weight and more about the features that could help you better run your business.

How many staff will be using card machines?

How many employees need to use a card machine? Perhaps your business only needs one card machine for you to operate on your own.  Or you could be running a restaurant with several waiters that also need to print receipts in front of customers.

These factors bring you back to your budget, your business needs, and what features your card machine needs to have.

What features does your next card machine need to have?

Are you happy with basic features, or do you want a touchscreen, a built-in printer and other useful features?

Consider prioritising the following factors and any others you can think relate to your business:

  • Do you want to save money on money on Wifi or mobile data?

  • Do you want the added convenience of a large touchscreen?

  • Do you need many staff to execute payments as fast as possible?

  • Do you need online customers to enjoy secure payments?

  • Would you like to offer your customers many payment options?

  • Do you have to print receipts once card transactions are completed?

Have you considered a Yoco card machine or upgrading from your existing Yoco device? Read on if you are interested.

Yoco Go card machine 

Some entrepreneurs start businesses using the Yoco Go card machine with a once-off payment of R699. First, you need to access a Wifi system or your mobile data.

Then, download from Google Playstore the Yoco App and connect your Yoco Go card machine to a smartphone via Bluetooth.

If, for example, you have many restaurant waiters processing payments, the Yoco Go machine is not ideal as each machine must be uniquely paired to a smartphone.

Find out more about the Yoco Go card machine now.

Yoco Khumo card machine 

As one of Yoco's fastest and smartest card machines, the Khumo offers much. This standalone card machine does not have to be paired with a smartphone. So, each staff member, like restaurant waters, can use one.

It contains a built-in SIM that provides unlimited mobile data usage for all your transactions and receives regular device updates.

In the long term, the Yoco Khumo card machine, which comes with a once-off price tag of R999, will save your business money on Wifi and mobile data costs. The device's SIM card will always ensure continuous connectivity.

The excellent touchscreen is another convenient feature that all device users will enjoy.

Read more about the Yoco Khumo card machine now.

Yoco Khumo Print card machine

It’s a smart card machine you can get for small businesses that require printing, such as those in the hospitality, food, and retail sectors.

Besides its printing functionality, this card machine is Yoco’s fastest, making payments in 3 seconds.

Its powerful battery lasts all day.

Other helpful features include device personalisation, tracking employees' sales and activity, adding products to the device, sending receipts, and adding tips.

Buying this machine at a once-off price of R2499 could be a worthwhile upgrade if these features help your business grow.

Discover more about the Yoco Khumo Print card machine now.

The best upgrade choice helps your business grow

Whatever you decide, ensure that it best serves your business needs and could help fuel your business's growth. So, take your time, research, and help your business with the right choice.

Source: 5 things to consider before signing up with Yoco

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