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Are you a busy small business owner? Find out how to avoid burn out.

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How can small business owners avoid burnouts?

We’ve all been there at one time or another, doing too much for the business and reaching exhaustion. You know you have got to this point when you feel finished and depressed, which isn't a sustainable business management style.

How well are small businesses coping with their mental well-being in South Africa? Xero’s latest survey of South African small business owners found that over 90% of the small business owners that took part felt that stress has harmed their mental state. The pandemic appears to have exacerbated these figures.

Niel, a small business owner, has complained about feeling burnt out. So we asked him some questions to bring you first-hand insights.

Read Niel's answers to his experiences about feeling burnt out.

Are you burnt out?

"I would say that I'm 80% there. I feel tired all of the time like I could never get enough sleep, very stressed and overworked.

"But, lately, I have been pushing to 'destress' and work less. I'm not 100% back to normal yet but I think it is a long journey to not feel like you are burnt out."

How could you avoid feeling burnt out?

"I've got a few tips about that for other small business owners to avoid burnout, and they can learn from my mistakes:

  • "It's not okay to get too little sleep every day. Most people need 7 to 8 hours of sleep.

  • "Hire someone to help you at the office.

  • "Delegate work - don't try to do everything yourself.

  • "Don't take your health for granted - boost your physical health with vitamins, drinking enough water, eating properly and exercise.

  • "Don't make sacrificing your social life or your family life a habit."

We are glad that Niel is now looking after himself. His experience and tips are good to know.

Do you want to know more? Read on to find out more about business management and burnout.

Learn more about how you could avoid burnout

Understandably, starting a new business can be most stressful because people don’t want to fail. And yet what they are doing is not good for their well-being nor for their company’s existence.

So, now let’s turn on the good news and get some encouragement! How about looking into the following business management ideas to avoid burnout.

Do you want to learn more about business management?

Find out more about improving your business management skills and when is the best time to hire a manager.

Delegation is the answer

It’s human nature to think that only you can do these tasks the best, especially when starting up a company. But this is a serious mistake. Even at the very beginning, you need to delegate tasks.

Empower staff by believing in them. Someone once did that to you.

Staff need to know what you expect 

It’s demoralising for staff never to get feedback from their boss regarding their performance. Are they doing OK, or is he unhappy with my work? Set clear limits for yourself and your staff so that everyone knows what should be done by when.

You and your staff need a break

Hey, guys, we are not machines but humans. You can thrash the human body only for so long before it breaks down.

Everyone needs some time off. Instead of thinking that this is wasting the company’s time, the opposite is true. Even go for a short walk.

People returning to work feel more refreshed and work more efficiently. Allow your staff to go on frequent short holidays – you won't regret it.

Take time off to think

There are stories or reports of bosses of successful companies that don't allow anyone to disturb them for a few days occasionally so that they could have time to think and solve business problems.

The problem is that as an entrepreneur, you can daily experience so many interruptions because you’re constantly putting out fires.

Maybe those fires wouldn’t be there if you could stand back for a while and reflect on where your business is going.

Try something new and grow

You and your staff thinking up and rolling out new things to grow your business will take care of that daily boring work routine.

Show them where the company is going so that they can become part of the vision.

You and the people you employ shouldn't experience dead-end jobs. 

Everyone also needs a life

Everything can't be all about work, and so staff also need to be able to experience life away from the office.

Balance is critical here. One way to solve this you could let some or all employees follow a flexitime work policy without affecting their productivity. For example, avoiding hours in traffic could make employees very happy by travelling to and from work at different times.

You could also make it a policy that there must be no communication after a specific hour in the evening.

Get hold of a mentor

It would help if you shared your frustrations and joys with someone outside work, such as a mentor. Bouncing your ideas off the right person is ideal for getting another perspective. So often, you leave a discussion thinking, ‘now why didn’t I think of that – it’s so simple!’

Yoco helps small businesses grow

Your business will grow once again after you sort out your burnout.

Yoco could help your business grow in a variety of ways, from affordable card machines with no monthly fees to free business management tools like the Yoco App. So, please get in touch to find out more.

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