Sales Management Tips for Small Businesses in South Africa

Get sales management tips for your small business's sales team.

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Sales management for small businesses

Sales management involves growing and managing the sales operation of your small business. It includes many activities, from creating a sales team to hitting sales targets.

That may sound easy but that isn't always the case.

We spoke with Steve who has experience working with a small business's sales team to bring you practical insights and tips.

Read what Steve had to say about sales management for small businesses.

Do you have any sales management tips?

"Yes, I do. There are a few important things to keep in mind for a small business's sales team:

  • "Treat your sales team well. They are people with feelings, ambitions and needs.

  • "Be mindful of the leads they have and the expected conversion rates. For example, they shouldn't become upset if there are a certain number of poor leads from a source that is normal for that lead source. This is not to say not to work to improve the quality of all of your leads, of course.

  • "Don't be too hard on them but set realistic targets to achieve.

  • "Keep your sales team motivated with rewards.

  • "Keep them in the loop - about how their work helps the business.

  • "Train your team well.

  • "Test new approaches based on your results. So, make sure that you track everything.

  • "Give them all of the tools that they need to do their job.

  • "Empower your sales team. For example, let them try out ideas to improve performance."

Steve gave us some great tips. Do you want to know more? Read on for more on sales management for small businesses.

Learn more about sales management for small businesses

Get more tips to follow from start to completion of your sales team.

Learn more about business management

Find out how you can improve your business management skills and learn when is the best time to hire a manager.

Find the right sales team lead

You need the right guy to lead your team - it will make all the difference between success and failure.

Get the right sales people

This recruitment process is critical for successful sales. Describe job descriptions accurately, as well as company benefits.

Candidate interviews

You are now left with a few qualified people and need to conduct interviews.

Remember, that each candidate is also interviewing you.

The offer letters

Once you have found the people you want to employ, send them an offer letter that describes when to start, salary, commission, and working hours.

Finally, give them a contract to sign.

Getting your sales team on board

Introduce the team to the company and its culture and way of doing things. They should also do sales training to familiarise themselves with everything they need to know to do their jobs.

Put together your sales plan

A sales plan describes every area of development and the starting point for a sales strategy.

Setting sales targets

This strategy includes everything about the sales process and includes sales quotas.

You also need to know when you'll break even and strategise beyond that to make a profit.

How to design a sales process

This process involves finding leads and developing them until customers start purchasing.

The sales funnel summarises the sales journey from the customer’s point of view.

The sales pipeline refers to everything being in place within the company before a lead materialises into a customer.

Designing sales techniques

This is all about how you conduct sales and close sales deals. An example is to stimulate emotions to create interest in the products or services your small business sells.

Finalise sales quotas for your sales team

Setting sales targets is usually performance-based, and they hold staff accountable for reaching those targets.

Use best practices for daily operations

Conduct productive meetings and provide clear expectations. Emphasise transparency and the vital importance of good communication.

Having the necessary sales resources

Your team needs all the right resources to achieve its targets. These include the following.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software

This involves managing leads and customers.

Lead lists

The company provides sales reps with lead lists, which they then follow up.

Sales know-how

A successful sales team needs to know what to do by exposing them to professional sales training. Other resources included with the CRM software could be calendar scheduling tools and video conferencing tools such as Zoom.

Is your sales team motivated?

Your team needs to be passionate about sales. Here are some ideas to keep them highly motivated.

Providing attractive incentives

Incentives are rewards for a sales agent when he exceeds sales targets.

Praise your staff at meetings

Recognise those staff that have excelled in their work by announcing this at meetings.

Fun competitions

Such competitions involving one-on-one or between teams inspire sales reps to achieve beyond their targets.

Are you watching their performance?

As an entrepreneur of a small business, you need to keep track of how your staff are doing. Are they completing activities and reaching their targets?

If someone is lagging, find out why. Perhaps he needs some extra coaching.

What about the business owner?

Remember, you encompass everything a sales team needs, from being a sales coach to an operations manager.

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Source: The Ultimate Guide to Sales Management

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