POS (Point of Sale) in South Africa - what to know

Find out everything you need to know about POS for small businesses in South Africa.

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POS in South Africa - everything you need to know 

Are you a small business owner or planning to start a business that sells goods and services to many people in South Africa? Then, POS is something that you should get to grips with and explore to help your small business.

We spoke to Natalie, who owns a hair salon, and asked her some popular questions about POS as well as more info you need to know.

Read Natalie's practical tips about POS as she answers our questions.

Why is it called POS? 

“POS stands for Point of Sale, which usually refers to the touchpoint and machines used for customers to pay for their goods or services at businesses.”

What is an example of a POS device? 

“A credit card machine is an example of a POS device.”

Is POS South African? 

“South African companies offer local POS devices and services like Yoco.”

Is POP related to POS? 

“POP is different to POS. POP often refers to a Proof of Payment. So, a customer who pays for goods with an EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) could send a POP to the seller to prove that the buyer paid for the goods before taking home the purchased items.”

What is the difference between POS and sales? 

"POS is where the sales take place in a shop, while sales are the goods or services sold in a shop."

Why is a POS system important for a small business? 

“A POS system is important for a business that sells goods or services to people because it effectively helps a business manage the selling process and the money made from the sales.”

How much is a POS system?

“The costs are different depending on what you need and your industry. Small businesses can start with a single card machine, for example.”

We had a great time chatting to Natalie about POS. 

Now let's get into more detail about POS and cover everything else.

Learn more about POS in South Africa

Do you still have questions? Then read on to learn more about POS.

How does POS work?

Sorry about all the computer jargon, but it’s the only way to explain how point-of-sale (POS) systems work. POS in South Africa allows businesses to accept card payments.

This could usually be a card reader connected to a tablet or Android/Apple smartphone or a card machine that works on its own.

This, in turn, connects with a POS application and a business intelligence portal. A business intelligence portal gives businesses quick access to valuable sales information. Of course, you will also need an internet connection.

Why have POS in the first place?

What’s cool about POS is that your clients can now pay another way. As a result, the checkout process is faster while you save the most useful sales data.

POS is so helpful to small business owners

Entrepreneurs who run small businesses such as festivals and flea markets and have a smartphone connected to a card reader can easily start selling their products. Mobile card machines are also convenient and don’t need to be connected to a smartphone to work. 

Dedicated POS systems

Some POS systems in South Africa address certain industries such as hospitality and retail. The sky's the limit – you can create a coffee bar station that can receive orders and split clients’ bills. Also, POS systems can do product management, inventory control and making categories.

Here’s what POS systems can also do.

Processing payments

The Yoco Go card machine is ideal for those receiving card payments for the first time. It’s light, fits into your pocket and uses Bluetooth to connect to any smartphone.

The Yoco Khumo card machine suits growing businesses, and unlimited data can be stored in its built-in SIM. You can connect to WiFi but don't need Bluetooth. Then, there's Khumo Print offers all the great features of the Khumo with the extra benefit of being able to print slips and more.

Finally, the Yoco Neo machine is happy with any major cards, like all Yoco card machines, and pairs with your tablet or smartphone and is ideal for a retail shop.

POS for retail

If you are into retail, you need this to help you manage stock and sales to start. It will also let you roll out promotions and loyalty programs, manage your team, and provide helpful information. If you need to integrate your card machines into a POS system, you can use Yoco’s POS integration option. The Yoco Neo machine integrates with Lightspeed, Vend, Loyverse or SalonBridge. The Lightspeed POS is for hospitality and enables staff management. The Vend POS suits retail businesses, while Loyverse POS works for any business size. SalonBridge POS is ideal for beauty businesses. 

How about sales reports?

You need data reports generated by POS to give you an accurate picture of where your business is going. Data will enable you to predict when customers are most likely to buy your products so that you can plan your sales.

Customer information

The POS system should allow you to set up customer profiles and ask them to become part of the business email system. Of course, you can send receipts by email too.

Managing discounts

This most important feature of POS system enables you to offer new customers discounts to improve cash flow. You can use the systems to follow the discount management process.

Loyalty programme for customers

Loyalty programmes are a great way to reward your regular clients. Such programmes will show you what customers like and their shopping trends.

Now that you know everything about POS, especially Yoco’s POS, what are you waiting for now? We can already hear the katching coming into your account!

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