Online shopping safety tips for small businesses in South Africa

Discover how your small business can stay safe while shopping online.


Online payment safety tips for small businesses in South Africa

Just about everyone in South Africa seems to be going online, small businesses included, especially since the pandemic landed on our shores a few years ago. But, as expected, this explosion of online activity has also attracted cyber criminals.

Rather be safe than sorry, the saying goes. So as a small business entrepreneur, your online shopping for supplies must be secure.

What could a small business owner do to stay safe while shopping for goods and services? We had a chat with Natalie, the hair salon owner, about her experiences with shopping online.

Find out what Natalie said about keeping safe while shopping online.

Do you have any tips to safely shop online for your business?

"Yes, for sure. I learnt a few tips over the years:

  • "Keep your credit card and its CVV number safe at all times.

  • "Make sure that you have full control of who buys what online. Ideally, designate one person to do any shopping for stock.

  • "Only shop with reputable and reliable suppliers.

  • "Don't be fooled by amazing deals from unheard-of suppliers. If it is too good to be true, then it usually is.

  • "Chat to people in the industry if you aren't sure.

  • "Look at company reviews on Google, social media and

  • "Don't make large purchases with unknown suppliers, especially if they are based overseas."

  • "Keep any one-time passwords safe and going to your phone, which will help you track and control all online shopping with a business credit card.

  • "Monitor your bank statements for anything suspicious.

  • "Always answer calls from your bank. They could be asking you to approve a suspicious online purchase.

  • "Check your SMSes from your bank as quickly as possible. They could be alerted to a fraudulent online purchase.

  • "Make sure the online shop's website is secure with 'HTTPS' and a little lock where you type in the website's address.

  • "Remember to only add your card details via a payment service you know and trust."

It was great to talk to Natalie. She gave us interesting and useful tips to share with you all. Do you want to know more? Read on to find out more.

Learn more about online business payment safety

Get more tips on steps you can take to ensure that you are safe when you shop online.

Always type in the address

Never blindly click on a link to your popular online shop. Even though it requires more effort, it’s best to type the URL into the address bar to avoid inadvertently visiting a malicious website.

Use a computer reserved for online shopping and banking

If you can, set aside a computer you only use for online shopping and banking. To keep the computer clean, you should not use it for emails and social networking. You can install Google Chrome, with forced HTTPS.

Also, keep your computer and browser up to date, which helps protect you.

Lastly, install trusted anti-virus software if needed. Your bank could give you advice about this as well. Examples of such software could include Kaspersky, Sophos and others.

Only use a dedicated email account

It will protect you if you only use one email account for online shopping. This way, you’ll minimise the risk of opening malicious emails that appear to be shop notifications and sales promotions.

Never use public Wifi

You are about to secure a bargain in a shopping mall, but you want to go online to compare it with other deals.

You are about to secure a bargain in a shopping mall, but you want to go online to compare it with other deals.

You could be tempted to use public Wifi because you are low on mobile data. But unfortunately, criminals use public Wifi to get hold of your personal financial information, such as passwords and login details. So preferably, use your smartphone and a mobile network.

Safeguard our online passwords

You need to protect your passwords from criminals by installing, for instance, Google Password Manager to encrypt them instead of leaving them as plain text. Some security software products also have similar features.

Use a Linux operating system if possible

Operating a Linux-based device such as a Samsung tablet for all online transactions is safer.

How to make safe online payments

Do you know how to stay safe while making online payments? If not, find out more about making secure online payments. Get online payment safety tips now.

What about safely being paid online?

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