How can gift vouchers help a small business in South Africa?

Find out how gift vouchers can boost your small business in South Africa.


How can gift vouchers help your business in South Africa?

Up-and-coming South African underdogs would like their small businesses to grow by building lasting customer relationships and more business. Offering gift vouchers is a great way to start. They’re not expensive and yet powerful in earning income for your business. So, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of making gift vouchers available to your customers.  

Let's start with sharing some helpful first-hand experiences from a small business owner using gift vouchers. Jen, Cyrus Farm Health Store owner, spoke to us about gift vouchers.

Now, read a small business owner's answers to popular questions about gift vouchers from a customer and business perspective. 

What is a gift voucher? 

“It’s a monetary gift card you can purchase for someone to spend.”

When should small businesses in South Africa use gift vouchers?

“I don’t think there is any rule around this.”

What is the best gift voucher service for my small business in South Africa?

“There isn't a limit to this, whether it is for a service or product. Some companies like Yoco can help you with gift vouchers if you need it.”

Do you sell gift vouchers to your customers? 

“I have, but it isn’t something that is done very often. Perhaps it’s different for certain companies.”

Do you think gift vouchers are good for business? 

“It can be, it’s a way of marketing.”

Do you get gift cards anywhere in South Africa?

“Many companies across SA use gift cards.”

How does a gift voucher work?

“You purchase one for a monetary value and give it to someone to spend.”

Can you buy gift vouchers online in South Africa?

“Yes, you can. For example, Yoco lets you create and sell gift vouchers online.”

What are the best gift vouchers in South Africa? 

“I think any gift voucher is a fabulous way of spoiling someone.”

How do you buy a gift voucher?

“Purchase it from a company on their website or in their shop and give it to someone to spend.”

How much does a gift voucher cost?

“It depends on the company you are purchasing it from, but generally, there isn’t a limit.”

Do gift vouchers expire?

“Some do, yes.”

It was great to chat with Jen about gift vouchers. Do you want to know more about them? Read on to find out more.

Learn more about how gift vouchers could help your small business in South Africa

Let's take a closer look at how gift vouchers could help your small business now.

Increase your income

The beauty of gift vouchers is that people usually spend way beyond the gift voucher limit. The idea that the gift voucher is for ‘free’ makes customers spend 38% more than the voucher’s value.

Integration with the POS (Point of Sale) system 

Gift vouchers integrate with your POS system, making them so useful. You can follow your customers’ buying patterns by tracking gift voucher transactions and regular transactions. Integrate Yoco with your POS system using Yoco Smart Integrations

Gift vouchers minimise fraud

Security of personal information is crucial to customers, mainly because of all the data leaks in the past. For example, criminals can't use gift vouchers to steal your customers' personal information because they don’t contain such details.

Make the world aware of your business

Offering gift vouchers is a powerful and wallet-friendly way to make the marketplace aware of your brand.

What an excellent opportunity for customers, who go crazy about your products and services, to bless their family and friends with gift vouchers.

Buying gift vouchers from your business put it into the spotlight through word-of-mouth marketing. 

Develop customer relationships

Seeing customers are the ones that make your business grow, it makes sense to develop great relationships with them.

The more they love your business and its products, the more they want to buy and spread the news.

So, why not give away gift vouchers after clients spend a specific amount on your services or products?

Also, you could diffuse a dispute by offering a gift voucher. 

Try Yoco’s gift vouchers

Use Yoco’s gift vouchers to express your appreciation and love to your customers. With the Yoco App, you can create a gift voucher and sell it online.

Once the customer has paid, we’ll email him the voucher. Then, your customer can redeem the voucher in-store at any suitable time.

You’ll get more ka-ching in your business account two days after selling vouchers.

Activation of gift vouchers is a few clicks away if you are already a Yoco merchant. 

Find out ways to effectively market gift vouchers and use gift vouchers to help your business.

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Source: 7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Offer Gift Cards

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