How to choose the best card machine

Find out how to choose the best card machine for your small business in South Africa.

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How to choose the best card machine in South Africa 

The best way to begin your small business when getting paid by customers is to choose a credit card machine because not all customers will want to pay with cash. But, it must suit your business. Are you looking for the best card machine for your business?

Choose the card machine company that best suits your needs. Look for a card machine company with good reviews, a long track record, many customers, and is affordable to use. For example, 230 000 businesses have chosen to use Yoco’s credit card machines.

So we spoke with a few of these small business owners about their Yoco card machines.

Let’s see what these successful small business owners had to say about choosing their Yoco card machines.

How did you choose the credit card machine for your business?

From Finance and Payroll Executive, Louise said,

  • “I chose a Yoco card machine, as there are no monthly fees, only charges on your actual transactions. So during the quiet months, I am not paying fees out of my own pocket. Yoco also has the ease of sending clients a link to make payment, with a very user-friendly dashboard.”

Derek, from The Way Forward IT, shared his thoughts on how he chose card machines since starting his business,

  • “I was looking for a solution that would allow me to get payments from my clients when I went on site because when I go on-site and a day later or at the end of the month, I send an invoice. 

  • “People had forgotten that I've solved the problem, and I could battle to get them to pay me. Yoco card machines changed the way I did business.

  • "My Yoco card machine gave me more confidence that I would get money in my account. I wouldn't leave the client without a card swipe. The challenge is there are fees, but I'd rather pay fees and have most of the money in my account than no fees and have no money in my account.

  • “I've bought one of the first models of the Yoco card machine. I then went for the Pro version because I knew we would start tapping on cards. I knew that Yoco would upgrade their machine software to accept the cards.

  • "I have been using the Yoco Khumo, which seems easier because it has its own SIM card built-in, so it's a single standalone card machine. The unit I have is connected. I can place the transaction on my cell phone, and it links to the card machine, and then it does the transaction.

  • “Mobile, battery-powered card machines make a lot of sense in South Africa. Just remember to keep your Yoco charged. With loadshedding, you don't want the power to be a problem in this day and age.

  • "The more transactions you do, the cheaper the fees are. Very few people like to carry cash around, so Yoco is almost a guaranteed facility to receive payments.”

Laura, the owner of Beaut Nail Bar, shared,

  • “I chose my Yoco card machine just because of the price, the fact that I'm just a small nail salon, and I didn't need anything quite extensive. It was just me at the time. I would have updated the card machine if a team had worked with me. I also don't want it to be married to my phone.

  • “I chose Yoco because it was just easy. I didn't have to go through the rigmarole of the banks and stuff like that. So when you're not earning a certain amount, I just feel that Yoco card machines are just the best option. So, it's easy, portable, and yeah, it was effortless to sign up. I don't enjoy long waits and long processes. 

  • “My card machine works really well for me, and there are a lot of things that you can do with it.”

It was great to chat with these small business owners about their experiences. 

Do you want to know more about card machine solutions for your small business? Read on if you want to know more about how to select the best card machine.

Learn more about choosing the best card machine

Some customers only want to pay with their smartphones. Don’t worry about this because there is a solution. Gone are when card machines could only process traditional credit and debit card payments. Instead, small businesses can receive payments from contactless cards using a credit card machine, a smartphone payment system, and an integrated point-of-sale (POS) system. Contactless payments are possible because a card machine is equipped with near-field communications (NFC) technology. NFC ensures that contactless payments are secure, fast, and easy. 

What payment system would you need for running a restaurant?

Here, Yoco’s fully integrated POS system comes into its own. It functions as a POS connected to other vital business systems, including ordering, accounting and inventory. 

POS systems integrate the hardware, software and support, freeing up your time to devote to generating more business. You can ‘custom-make’ and change the POS system as you go along. POS systems suit food and beverage outlets the best, where you need to manage kitchen and bar orders, delivery schedules and more.

The Yoco Khumo card machine is ideally suited to this setup. It is Yoco’s best and fastest standalone card machine that requires no Wifi. It comes with a once-off cost of R699.  You don’t have to pair it with any device. Each waiter can have his own Khumo card machine, working independently but linked to the same account.

If your business has an online store using Yoco Gateway could process customer payments without you needing to be there or your customers can pay on delivery with a Khumo.

Customers want to pay on the spot using a credit card

You would need a smartphone-based POS system for your garden service.  Just download a mobile application, plug in a card reader attachment, and - sorted – you can start to receive payments wherever you are.

Other businesses that can use this setup include tradeshows and festivals, food trucks, plumbing, or any service that’s on the go. It's easy to set up a smartphone POS system as most entrepreneurs already know smartphones.

Also, these smartphone systems can support in-store credit card machines during a business 'rush hour’.

So how do I choose the best card machine for my small business?

There’s no straight answer - you alone can decide that. It is best to do your research and speak to friends, family and other business owners in your industry. Here’s more info about how to choose the right Yoco card machine. There are so many options to choose from regarding your interaction with customers. Yoco has a wide range of card machines to choose from that are convenient and affordable.

Every Yoco card machine offers small businesses in South Africa value for money and many more benefits to help their businesses grow. For example, Yoco's new Khumo Print card machine provides small businesses with many benefits like a built-in printer for printing receipts.

Other businesses can work entirely without a card machine. Through a virtual terminal, any business securely and safely receives card payments over a smartphone plus a computer, web browser, and an internet connection. Various options include Yoco’s Payment Gateway.

Irrespective of your business goals, type of business, or budget, there is always a credit card machine that suits your small business. You can take your small business to new heights, whatever you decide.

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