How do you look after your card machine?

Find out how to give your card machine the best care.


How should a small business in South Africa care for a card machine? 

As a small business owner, you may be busy, day in and day out, using your card machine.

So, it's clear that your card machine works hard for your business but are you sure how to take care of it?

Your first step should always be following your card machine's care instructions found in its user manual.

Are you looking for more information about looking after your card machine? We spoke with Jen, owner of Cyrus Farm Health Store, about how she looks after her card machine.

Find out Jen's tips for looking after her card machine.

How do you look after your card machine?

"I usually give it a good spray with hand sanitiser and then wipe it down with a wet wipe.

"Also, I'm careful not to drop it. I have never dropped mine and haven't put anything in place to prevent it other than being careful when handling it."

What do you do to prevent your card machine from being stolen?

"When we were at markets, we locked it away in our cash box to prevent theft.

"Also, never leave your card machine unattended, even if only for a minute."

Jen's tips were helpful. But do you still want to learn more about looking after your card machine? Read on for more information.

Learn more about caring for a card machine

It's easy to forget how many hands touch a card machine daily and how dirty it can get. Here are some reasons why you should clean your card machine.

Minimising the spread of germs

When you realise how many customers type in their PINs and hold the machine, it could help spread germs. 

Make your card machine last longer

Your card machine has sensitive electronics and needs lots of TLC. Over time, grime and dirt can work into the device via gaps, cracks or openings around the PIN buttons and the card slot itself.

Now that you know that cleaning a card machine is a must, there are some tips about cleaning the device and other tips. 

This is what you should do

  • Read the card machine manual carefully for cleaning instructions.

  • Remove the device from the power socket and try and switch off the terminal.

  • Rub the outside surface of the instrument with a wipe, ensuring that it doesn’t get too wet.

  • Concentrate your cleaning, especially in those areas of greatest human contact, such as around the keypad buttons.

  • Use a cleaning card according to the manufacturer’s instructions for the chip and swipe slots. Clean your hands afterwards and switch on the card machine.

  • Keep your card machine in a cool, dry place.

This is what you should never do

  • Avoid spraying the device directly with any liquid.

  • Water is a huge enemy of electronics, so using a wet cloth can cause water to run into the machine.

  • Avoid exposing moisture to openings in a card machine, such as the card slot or button spaces.

  • Never apply thinners, trichloroethylene or ketone-based solvents, and hydrogen peroxide, as these can damage rubber and plastic sections.

  • Handle the card machine delicately without shaking, which may damage it, and set off a tampering alert.

  • Don't expose it to high temperatures, such as leaving it in the sun on the car’s back seat. Don’t leave it, for instance, in a restaurant’s kitchen, where the oils, humidity and other chemicals could cause damage.

  • Don't fiddle with the machine by using, for example, a screwdriver, as this could make it go into an irreversible tamper mode as a security measure.

  • Don't charge the Yoco card machine during storms.

  • Avoid charging a card machine overnight.

  • Don’t use a card machine near equipment that produces high voltage fluctuations, such as air conditioners, computer equipment, and electric motors.

Yoco is there to help your business grow

Now that you know how to look after your faithful card machine that can bring in so much cash.

Are you looking for a new card machine?

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