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Find out how to keep your employees happy to work at your small business in South Africa.

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How can small business owners keep their employees happy?

As a small business owner, you always want to have happy staff. But, take your team away, and what have you got left of your business? So, what do you need to do to keep your employees happy to come to work every day?

We had a good chat with Natalie, a hair salon owner, about her business management approach to employees.

Read Natalie's answers to questions about how to keep employees happy.

Do you have tips to keep employees happy?

"Sure, I have learned a few things over the years that have helped me keep my employees happy.

  • "Listen to their needs.

  • "Show that you do care but don't get too involved in their personal lives.

  • "Be supportive and understanding.

  • "Give them the freedom to be creative. Listen to their ideas and let them try them.

  • "Don't micro-manage them. Empower them to reach their goals."

Why is it important to have happy employees?

"Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business is true.

"Happy employees will work well and help you grow your business.

"They will also be a pleasure to work with and won't leave."

It was great to talk to Natalie and she gave us some good business management tips.

Do you want to know more? Read on to get more info about keeping employees happy.

Learn more about how to keep employees happy

Work on using the following business management tips for your small business and watch your business grow.

Find out more about business management

Here's how you can improve your business management skills and learn when is the best time to hire a manager.

It isn’t all about money

Focusing on benefits alone won't turn your staff into a motivated, happy workforce.

It’s equally essential for them to feel connected to the company and fulfilled.

Do your employees feel part of your business?

Share your vision for the company and make them feel part of the team. Keep them constantly in the loop about developments and thus foster employee happiness.

Transparency and honesty are the best policy

Employees want to know exactly where they stand in your business. Providing feedback and showing you care about their needs makes them feel valuable.

Share how well your business is performing with your staff and show them successes and areas where they must improve.

Reward your best performers with holidays

Giving extra time off as a reward will supercharge your best performers as they feel so refreshed when they return.

It’s all about their well-being and families as well.

Communicate, communicate, and communicate 

Foster good and relaxed communication instead of neglecting it.

If anything goes wrong with human relationships, it’s usually the result of poor communication. Good communication also encourages good morale.

Create a joyful, positive atmosphere at the workplace

Happy staff equals a happy and successful company. Acknowledge achievements and have group lunches.

Training people means you, as management, care for them and have faith in them for the future. Go on business trips together to build relationships.

Start to encourage employees immediately

As soon as a new staff member joins the team, start right then to cultivate a great relationship. You can do this by sharing your passion and vision for the business. Allow them to grow by giving them greater responsibilities.

Are you an example to your business?

As the boss, show your appreciation by regularly visiting your staff where they work. Put a smile on your face and watch how they change.

Everyone needs to feel important and wanted. Don’t expect your team to do what you do not wish to do yourself.

Always express your gratitude

It doesn’t cost you anything to say, ‘thank you’, and yet how many bosses will practice this? A positive, thankful atmosphere goes a long way and encourages communication and teamwork.

Managers tend to forget that their staff are human beings with feelings and not machines that pitch up to work every day to achieve something.

Society, in general, tends to be more complaint-oriented instead of being thankful.

Reward your staff often

Regularly rewarding staff is more important than the reward size. Great and frequent positive feedback from the boss makes the employee walk on cloud nine.


Remember, happy employees work smarter, are more creative, and relate better with their customers.

The alternative is bad news for the success of your business because workers with low morale perform poorly and eventually resign.

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Source: 12 Secrets to Keeping Employees Happy Without a Raise

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