Business Management - Time to Hire a Manager?

Find out if it is the right time to hire a business manager for your small business in South Africa.

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When should you hire a manager?

After starting your business, you first do everything yourself from start to finish. That is understandable, but eventually, you can lose sight of what it’s all about.

When the business starts to grow, you begin to realise you’re not coping. Don’t worry because you just need to re-focus.

What now? Empower yourself with the self-awareness you need to make the right decision.

So, we spoke to Jonathan, a small business owner who's in this position now, to get valuable first-hand insights to share with you.

Read Jonathan's answers about why he needs a business manager and what he is doing about it.

Why do you need a manager now?

"I'm grateful to have a growing business but I'm struggling to keep up with all the work. My family life and sleep are taking a big knock."

Will you hire a manager now?

"I'm thinking of it. I struggling with finding a person with the right level of experience that isn't too expensive to hire.

"I also struggle with letting go and trusting other people with my business. I've been burnt before by a contractor in the past.

"But this is unavoidable and I need to do it as soon as possible."

Jonathan shared interesting thoughts about his situation and what he is struggling with at this time.

Are you still not sure if you need to hire a manager for your small business? Read on to learn more.

Learn more about when to hire a manager

Learn more about the signs that tell you that you urgently need a manager (or two).

Do you need to improve your business management skills?

Find out more about how to improve how you manage your business.

Are you coming home later and later?

When you’re coming home late from work and your family is complaining, you know it’s time to stop doing everything yourself.

Instead, make a list of all those little items that someone else could sort out for you, freeing you to attend to more critical issues.

Your business is not growing

A huge alarm bell is when you no longer have the time to focus on your company's strategic growth.

So, seize new business opportunities and build more relationships instead.

The next growth stage is knocking on your door

It’s time for an operations manager to deal with all the time-consuming daily routines to release you to start the next growth phase. You’ll then see the growth - but don’t wait too long.

Do you feel like you’re on a treadmill, getting nowhere?

Are you a shaker in your business, spending much energy and not moving forward? You waste your time on trivial tasks but forget what counts. See the need for a manager?

Mistakes are on the increase

Because you are so thinly stretched for time, you haven’t got the time to pay attention to detail. Your business cannot afford costly mistakes.

Just putting out fires

It’s time to call on a manager when you are running around putting out fires all day.

Stand back, look at yourself and work out how much more creative time you could be investing in your business.

Are you stuck in a groove?

A common trap founders fall into is that only they can do all tasks the best. So, you end up doing everything yourself. Resist this tendency and hire someone who can maintain your office and even improve it.

It’s better to delegate to someone in your own company who already knows the ropes. This promotion encourages others to aspire towards more excellent careers and increases your business’s morale.

Are you delegating?

South Africans love those sweet koeksisters, milk tart and vetkoek. So, what are you waiting for if you are a great cook?

Surely local cafes and restaurants would love to have your grandma’s special chocolate cake as part of the menu.

Your employees are like gold

But are you treating them that way? It’s time to delegate when you no longer have the time to track how each dude in your company is doing.

Where would you be without your staff? You don’t want to lose them through neglect.

Manage your business better with Yoco

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You can do it. Your business can continue to grow to new heights.

Source: 12 Signs You Need to Hire a Manager

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