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Apps for small businesses in South Africa 

When starting your own small business, so many things demand your attention, and you end up as the CEO or Chief Everything Officer. This situation can take its toll on any entrepreneur. We want to avoid your business seriously suffering just because you are not coping.

This is where South African business apps come to the rescue. Let’s face it – we only have 24 hours in one day, no matter how urgent work can be.  What a pleasure to have these tools enable you to achieve so much more through more available time.

There are many apps to choose from, but here are some great ones to use for your small business. After all, your business needs to be efficient to stay competitive.

Hear what two entrepreneurs had to say about using apps for their businesses when we asked them a few questions.

We spoke to Ntombi, an informal food business owner in Thokoza, about business apps to hear what she had to say. 

Do you use business apps?

“No, I don’t use any business-only apps. I use a few apps, my FNB bank [app], calculator, WhatsApp, and SMS on my phone.”

Will you use more apps for your in the future?

“Yes, if I need to, and they will help me.”

We also had a chat with Jen, owner of Cyrus Farms Health Store in Meyerton, about business apps.

Do you use an app to run your business?

“No, I don’t use a business management-type app. It’s too much work to constantly input sales and everything else into the app for it to work. So, I manage orders and sales in my head, on paper and with my website’s ordering system. I do use my banking app and card machine apps, though.”

Our chats with Ntombi and Jen were short about business apps but to the point and insightful. Why use an app if you don’t need to, and it would just make things more complicated? Why create more work for yourself if the app doesn’t really make things easier?

Many apps help and benefit South African business owners every day. So, do you want to learn more about some of the possible useful apps that could help your business?

Learn more about business apps

Find out for yourself to see which apps work best for you and your business. Here are some ideas about how apps could help your business.

Make the most of your cell phone

We’ve noticed that many business owners at least use standard apps on their phones, like a calculator app. Your cell phone is a powerful tool. Take the time to explore all of the features that could easily help you. For example, use the calendar app to ensure that you don’t miss a meeting. Also, set reminders for yourself, so you don’t forget to do anything.

Chat to your bank

Many business owners use banking apps too. Maybe talk to your bank to make the most of their services.  Are you using your bank’s app to its full potential? Does your bank offer a loyalty program app so you can get extra benefits? Does your bank have an app to help your business grow?

The free Getlion app

This app provides all the necessary tools and is the first app that rewards users for running their businesses. This free business app is available for Android and IOS in South Africa.

This free app is great for those starting and growing a small business. It teaches you how to manage finances and apply for SME funding. It also shows you how to use the discounted tools, services and business acumen sources of almost 20 major industry partners.

The TaxTim app

A tax return includes all your business’s expenses and income.

The TaxTim app is an online tax service features an intelligent chat ‘bot' called TaxTim. It helps you keep up t date with your tax-deductable expenses and more.

It asks you all about you and your business so that it can advise you about all your income tax matters.  Gone are the days of spending days on your return – TaxTim does it with you in about 20 minutes. This service integrates fully with the South African Revenue Service (SARS) and can maximise your tax refund. TaxTim deals with both personal and business tax. It has assisted 7 000 000 South Africans so far. Initially, it will cost you R284 for personal submissions and R1199 for small businesses. Discounts apply with further use.

Accounting for small businesses with Xero

This cloud-based app. The Xero Accounting app enables you to deal with your financials and automates your daily business tasks. It is directly linked to your bank account and allows you to send invoices, reconcile payments and track inventory.

The Xero company offers over 800 apps available for you to use. Some say that Xero is the standard accounting software for small businesses. The first 30 days are free so maybe give it a try? The Xero app is available for Android and Apple devices. There are many accounting apps available. So, maybe also consider Sage and Quickbooks or others.

Yoco app and card payments

The Yoco app has your small business covered, with easy-to-use features to help your business grow. Manage your team, stock, sales, invoicing and more, all for free.

Yoco’s statistics show that although ¾ of South Africa's population possess cards, only 7% of businesses accept cards as a means of payment. Now that’s a lost opportunity for many businesses? So, what can Yoco provide? Your business can benefit enormously from tap-and-go payments by using their Yoco point-of-sale (POS) that captures transactions and manages your inventory and electronic receipts. Business entrepreneurs will be able to receive online payments and, for qualifying Yoco merchants, access Yoco Capital for a financial boost to their businesses.

A Yoco Go card machine costs you a once-off R299, while transaction fees start at 2.95% (excluding VAT), decreasing with turnover. Another option is the Yoco Khumo card machine costs a once-off R699. Accompanying all card machines is the free Yoco POS software.

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Yoco Card Machines and Online Payments

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